One Piece enters a new pause: how long does it last?

One Piece will go on hiatus, as confirmed by a source.

The events of the One Piece manga have taken fans by surprisebecause since the climax of the Wano arc the work has not stopped reveal fundamental information for the development of the plot and that readers have been asking for for a long time.

The Mugiwaras’ adventure has led them to Egghead Island, where they have met what could be one of the most dangerous characters for the World Government: Dr. Vegapunk. Obviously, after the revelation of this scientist and what he has told, many pieces begin to fit.

However, although the work of Eiichiro Oda continues to get better with each reveal and chapter, everything seems to indicate that fans will have to wait to see the development of these events, since it has been reported that the One Piece manga will enter a hiatus or pause for a while. Next, we tell you all the details.

One Piece will go on hiatus for a while

If the hiatus is confirmed, Oda would have more time to rest and improve his story

If the hiatus is confirmed, Oda would have more time to rest and improve his story

The information about the pause that One Piece will enter comes from the Twitter account of @AniNewsAndFactswhich seems to have a very good reputation and reliability in the sector.

In his tweet you can read that the One Piece manga will be on hiatus for 3 weeks to return with more strength in January 2023. However, it does not provide more details about the reasons for the hiatus. But if this information is confirmed, it means that the work will resume with the publication of chapter 1070.

It is important to note that it is not the first time that the One Piece manga has taken a break, since periodically Oda makes the decision to stop publishingeither to clear your mind and have the possibility to better develop your story with a little more time or directly to prevent health problems.

If One Piece’s hiatus is confirmed, it would be somewhat sad for fans of the work who are impatient to know the course of events that have been shown, but at the same time it is something positive, since gives Oda time to prepare better and have the opportunity to enhance the story you want to tell.

Meanwhile, it remains to wait to find out if, indeed, this information you have provided @AniNewsAndFacts account is correct.

One Piece has become, for many, the pinnacle of Shonen

The Tenryuubitos represent the corruption of the nobility and enslave other characters

The Tenryuubitos represent the corruption of the nobility and enslave other characters

It is impossible to talk about manga and anime without mentioning One Piece. The work of the mangaka Eiichiro Oda It has become one of the best sellers of all time. and that, to this day, accumulates more than 1,000 chapters.

It is necessary to recognize all the contribution that this work has made to the Shonen genrewell not your typical fight and win storybut the pursuit of the dreams of a group of pirates and who, during the process, have gotten into trouble with the World Government.

The One Piece manga is a gem, because contrary to what some might think, its story is capable of taking on issues of social impact, such as slavery, human trafficking, arms trafficking, corruption of high command and much more to adapt it to your own narrative. Furthermore, Oda has been able to create such charismatic characters that many fans identify with or come to feel a great connection with.

In fact, not all manga are capable of making their readers cry with the death of a ship, as One Piece did with the Going Merry. We are definitely looking at an unrepeatable work and that, for as long as it lasts, will continue to be enjoyed.