One Piece (episode 1000): the best arcs according to the GamerFocus editors

The ‘anime’ of One Piece (ワ ン ピ ー ス) was released on October 20, 1999 and now in 2021 it is about to reach the not inconsiderable figure of 1000 episodes. So Toei Animation, like Shonen Jump magazine earlier in the year with chapter 1000 of the ‘manga’, plan to celebrate the arrival of episode 1000 of the ‘anime’ of One Piece with a global online streaming in conjunction with Funimation. This event will be broadcast on Saturday, November 20 from 5:00 PM on the official channel at YouTube de Funimation and in the ‘fanpage’ of One Piece on Facebook.

Since September Toei Animation prepares fans for the arrival of the 1000th episode of the ‘anime’ of One Piece.

In GamerFocus we also join this celebration, so we bring you all the information about when, where and at what time episode 1000 of the ‘anime’ of One Piece. Additionally, our editors have written a short text about the plot arc of One Piece They have liked the most in these 22 years of broadcast of the ‘anime’ series based on the work of Eiichiro Oda that is about to reach its 1000th episode.

When and where to see episode 1000 of the ‘anime’ of One Piece?

In Japan, episode 1000 of the ‘anime of One Piece will be out on Saturday, November 20. Fans of the work of Eiichiro Oda in Latin America who wonder when and where to see episode 1000 of the ‘anime’ of One Piece You can rest assured, as this will be broadcast to the public in Colombia, Mexico, Peru and other areas of Latin America on Sunday, September 21, starting at 1:30 AM in Crunchyroll and Funimation. In Spain, episode 1000 of One Piece It can be seen from 9:30 AM in Crunchyroll and Funimation.

What are the best bows for One Piece according to the editors of GamerFocus?

Arco de Enies Lobby — Julian Ramirez

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For more than 200 episodes it is not necessary to consider the Navy as a threat to the protagonists of One Piece. We know they are the armed wing of the government and have powerful characters like Smoker in their ranks, but they used to be little more than distractions or even comic relief.

All that changed when we got to the ‘Water 7’ arc and met CP9. For the first time we do not understand how the Mugiwara will be able to succeed. That makes the ‘Enies Lobby’ arc so exciting. We do not know if our heroes have the power to face not only the powerful members of that group of secret assassins, but the entire Army of the Navy. In addition, it is here that we begin to learn about the crimes and abuse of the government over the world, making the mythology of One Piece expand and gain new complexities.

The fighting is intense, the fun is not lacking – there is a giraffe man that Zoro must face using Usopp as a sword! – and above all, it is especially emotional. It is here that we learn about Robin’s tragic past and this leads to my favorite scene in the entire series: Luffy and his crew, showing their friend how important she is to him, decides to declare war on the government by burning their flag. I still get goose bumps remembering that moment.

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‘Enies Lobby’ is undoubtedly one of the best and most emotional story arcs of One Piece.

Arch of the Sabaody Archipelago – César Salcedo

When does episode 1000 One Piece anime come out?

One Piece is a unique series in the demographic denomination known as ‘shonen’. This is due to the care that Eiichiro Oda has had in the construction of the world, the characters and all the details that make up this universe. Proof of this care and great attention to detail, we find it in the arch of the Sabaody Archipelago. But how such a short bow – and serving as a preamble to Impel Down and Marineford – can be so important to the story of One Piece, whose ‘anime’ is about to reach episode 1000. The answer is found by just revisiting these 20 episodes that make up this arc of One Pieceas long as they are up to date with current events from the ‘manga’ or ‘anime’ now that it is about to hit episode 1000.

The impact that this arc, which for some is only transitional, has on the history of One Piece is still felt in episode 1000. This is because during the first visit of the Straw Hat crew to the archipelago Sabaody Oda revealed to us the existence of the Celestial Dragons (Tenryūbito 天 竜 人) and as the society imposed by the world government acts cruelly in favor of this privileged social class.

«A title makes no sense to a man who is about to die» Silvers Rayleigh

Additionally, we learned of the existence of the Smile, the Supernova – key pirates in the story arcs located in the New World – and Silvers Rayleigh. The latter presents the existence of the Right in the play and has one of the best conversations of the series with Luffy’s crew. In this Luffy and Robin show us that the most important of One Piece It is not the end, but the journey to reach it.

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In this arc, Luffy learns the consequences of his actions, when he sees his nakama by the power of Bartholomew Kuma.

For this reason is that the ‘Sabaody’ is one of the best story arcs of ‘One Piece’. So before we get to episode 1000 of the ‘anime’ of One Piece, I invite you to return to see or read this story arc of the work of Eiichiro oda.

Arch of ‘Impel Down’ – Sergio Trujillo

When does episode 1000 One Piece anime come out?

My favorite bow of One Piece it is undoubtedly Impel Down. Everything about it was very interesting: its references to Dante’s Inferno (its levels represented the circles and the respective punishments of this), the return of some characters, the first meeting with others and a lot of action.

Among the characters that I loved meeting was the self-proclaimed okama (‘fag’ or ‘transvestite’ in Japanese). This group queer the god a One Piece an interesting approach to diversity and was shown as a group that lived at ease (like any pirate), with very important members like Ivankov and, above all, loyal.

This loyalty was demonstrated in an incredible way through Bon Clay, who gave his all and stood with Luffy to the last. Anyone would like a friendship like he gave them: disinterested and that looks after the welfare of the other. Therefore, I was very moved when Bon-Chan accompanied Luffy yelling “¡ Ganbare! ” (you can) when he was on the brink of death from the poison, in addition to the sacrifice he made without thinking twice when they were getting out of jail.

Endurance Bon-Chandamn it.

When does episode 1000 One Piece anime come out?

Arch of Whole Cake Island‘ — Mateo Riveros

When does episode 1000 One Piece anime come out?

Given the length of One Piece and the quality that he has maintained throughout his nearly 25 years, most of the bows in Eiichiro Oda’s work are perfectly eligible as the best. However, the most recent heyday of the series – omitting the Wano country arc as it is still unfolding in both the ‘manga’ and ‘anime’ – in my opinion is Whole Cake Island.

This arc is an exploration of Sanji’s past and the origin of his kindness. Not least, it puts this signature look of the Straw Hats cook to the test – just behind his perverted tendencies, of course – and shows it at its lowest point. In turn, this reaffirms Luffy’s “fatherly” role within his crew. Sanji’s relationship with his captain and the rest of his ‘nakama’ is a stark contrast to his blood relationships.

As if that wasn’t enough, Whole Cake Island boasts some of the best fights in the series to date. Among these, Katakuri against Luffy and Brook against Big Mom stand out.

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