One Piece Establishes Wano’s Connection To Its Infamous Treasure

When you think of A piece, you’re no doubt thinking of the Straw Hat Crew, but treasure should also be high on the list. After all, our pirates are all looking for the treasure left behind by Gold Roger. The manga brings its heroes closer to the bargain with every adventure they embark on. And now, a special tease has gone live to link the “One Piece” treasure to Wano himself.

Yes, that is correct. The legendary “One Piece” treasure has been brought up once again, and we’ve learned something major about the perk. It turns out Luffy is closer to the treasure than ever before, and no one but Big Mom knows about it.

The yonko caught everyone’s attention this week just before losing to Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law. The two captains failed to kill the pirate, but they buried her deep enough to end the war without Big Mom getting in their way. Just before being buried, Big Mom lamented her inability to explore Wano any deeper, and that’s because she believes some of the treasure is on this island.

“Some of them are also in this country, aren’t they? Ugh I’m so close,” she shared. And given how close the yonko got to the treasure, can you blame her for being frustrated?

Of course, this little teaser has fans in awe. It’s been a hot time since A piece dropped all tangible updates on his big treasure. We know that Joy Boy and the Roger Pirates have their fingerprints on the prize, and Luffy won’t give up until he sees the benefit for himself. Now, it seems that some of the treasure he seeks is in Wano, but the question of whether he will find it remains.

What do you think about this A piece teasing? Did you suspect that Wano had ties to Rogers’ legendary treasure? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.