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Warning: This article contains spoilers for One Piece.

A play fans had long hoped that Yamato would join the crew and on May 6th with Chapter 1051, it was finally confirmed. Finally, Luffy completed his Straw Hat crew eventually reaching ten members as he originally planned.

With A playcomplete and favorite pirate crew A play entering its final saga, the journey comes to an end. There have been plenty of emotional moments throughout the series so far and there promises to be many more. With each arc pass there is usually a moving quote or two, here are the most moving quotes from each of the Straw Hats.

When Yamato confronts Kaido

“It’s true ! I will sail the seas with Luffy! But only after driving you out of Wano!”

Yamato’s battle against Kaido was heated, but it all started with their quote to Kaido that they would indeed join Luffy on the seas.

Yamato’s lifelong wish is to break free from Kaido’s chains (both literally and metaphorically) and sail the ocean like Oden had. This opportunity was missed during Ace’s visit to Wano, but with Luffy bringing war, Yamato finally got his chance. This gave Yamato the courage to brave their father and fight for freedom.

Jinbe introduces himself to the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance

“Allow me to wish us a happy collaboration!”

Jinbe has been an ally of the Straw Hats since Marineford and continued to be one for various other arcs until he eventually became one of them.

Jinbe had been known to be part of the Straw Hats since Whole Cake Island, but he hadn’t yet been part of the fighting crew as an official member. His reappearance in Wano was an emotion that got fans excited as he showed up for the alliance.

Brook’s realization that Laboon is still alive

“That’s great ! After all this time, he’s still…!”

It was easy to feel for the Laboon whale when fans saw that the pirates he had been waiting for would never return. However, Brook’s Devil Fruit and the character’s introduction completely changed that and created a much more emotional attachment to Laboon.

Brook’s realization that Laboon was still alive after all these years was beautiful and brought many fans to tears. Brook had seen all the people he loved die and because of his Devil Fruit, he couldn’t reach them. The coming of the Straw Hats was truly miraculous as it gave him new friends and the news that one of his friends, Laboon was still alive.

When Franky first decides on his dream

“I want to make a dream ship one day.”

Franky’s showdown against the Puffing Tom to save Tom was emotional enough, but the inner dialogue that followed helped fans understand what Franky’s dream was and how he came to terms with the ships he created.

Franky wanted to become a true successor to Tom and wanted to make a ship that would travel the world, much like Tom did for Pirate King Gol D. Roger. Coincidentally, Franky was able to do just that with the arrival of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats.

Robin’s shout to Luffy and the others

“I want to live!”

Nico Robin is incredibly mysterious when she first joins the team, and fans can’t help but wonder at first if there isn’t something more to her character. But as the story progresses, it becomes clear that she is very fond of Straw Hats.

Robin, the smartest main character in A playis undoubtedly one of the most calm and collected characters of A play. So seeing such a character crying and screaming that she wanted to live and asking Luffy to take her back to the sea was one of the most moving and amazing scenes in the entire series.

Chopper finds the mushroom he thinks will cure Dr. Hiriluk


In one of A playThe most tragic stories of Chopper, more than anything, wanted to become a life-saving doctor, but before that, he accidentally poisons Dr. Hiriluk. Of course, Hiriluk already intended to die.

Chopper’s simple “Mushroom” quote broke many fans seeing the plight of the reindeer man and how he had gone through so much to get what he believed to be the medicine to cure Hiriluk. The realization that Chopper had been wrong also brought him horror, and he never stopped blaming himself.

Sanji admits how he really felt for Luffy

“I want to go back to the Sunny!”

Sanji’s cold betrayal of the Straw Hats was obviously a ploy for Sanji as he had no choice, but in the end his emotions betrayed him and he couldn’t help but give in and ask Luffy for help.

Often characters in A play are portrayed the same way over and over again as fans get used to how they are perceived. But when characters like Robin and Sanji are removed from the team, fans can see how it really affects them and what it really means to them to be a member of the Straw Hats.

Usopp’s apology

“I am really sorry!”

The least powerful crew member of A play, Usopp had a temporary departure from the Straw Hats which still has fans resenting the sniper. However, Usopp suffered a lot and learned his lesson.

Usopp’s final cry that he was sorry, asking for forgiveness and vowing to repent was easily the character’s most emotional quote and moment. The Straw Hats were about to leave Usopp behind, but he had to admit that he was wrong and that he had crossed the line. Luckily, that’s exactly what he had done.

Nami asks Luffy for help.

“Help me…”

Nami is presented to fans as a somewhat cold and selfish character. But as fans are starting to learn more about her, she’s actually the opposite.

Nami’s plea for help was truly one of the first emotional quotes featured in A play and that helped give this character more depth. She went through so many conflicts and was finally able to leave the Arlong Pirates until everything turned out to be a lie. She had had enough and luckily Luffy was there to fix it.

Zoro after being defeated by Mihawk

“I will never lose again!”

Zoro quickly grows attached to Luffy and vice versa, becoming an iconic anime duo. Through A playZoro continuously registered as a serious man.

However, fans are seeing an incredibly emotional scene of Zoro after being beaten by the world’s greatest swordsman in A play–Dracule Mihawk. While Zoro’s “Nothing happened” quote is certainly more iconic and memorable, Zoro crying that he will never lose again is more emotional and it puts Zoro more firmly on his goal and it shows his devotion to Luffy by as captain.

Luffy’s Achievement

“I have my crew!”

There has perhaps been nothing more heartbreaking or emotional than Ace’s death in A play. This tore Luffy apart, completely destroying this lovable and clumsy character.

However, while this death was terrible for Luffy, it brought fans what is easily Luffy’s most moving quote “I’ve got my crew!” A memory of what he had left and what could help him move forward in this life. While Luffy lost his brother, from now on he will do his best to keep the rest of his friends alive. With Sabo recently captured in A playit seems likely that Luffy will try to save his brother again, but this time he can save him with his crew backing him up.

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