One Piece: Everything announced in its direct on Film Red and the Manga

One Piece is going into a break, we already know that. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to run out of franchise content. In another article we have already compiled the most important about One Piece Film Red. So now we will collect other smaller but interesting details announced in the last news broadcast.

Most of the information is details about the manga or the movie, nothing super important but they are remarkable things that are worth knowing. Some of the following information can be considered spoilersSo read on at your own risk.

One Piece Live Summary

The most important: The latest saga of One Piece will start on July 25th in chapter 1054. This would end the Saga of the Four Emperors. This would be the tenth saga of the work. A published poster celebrating the beginning of the new saga.

A brochure called “Road to Laugh Tale” will be published during Oda’s hiatus, it will include sketches and highlights from the mangaka. This booklet name could be used for the name of the new saga, although the name has not been confirmed yet.

has been opened a website in English for One Piece Day, which will be on July 22 and 23. It will be the 25th anniversary of the manga.

As to One Piece Film Redwe have some more details. This will be the song list:

  • New Era– Nakata Yasutaka x ADO
  • i am last” – Mrs. GREEN APPLE x ADO
  • backlit– Vaundy x ADO
  • Uta’s Lullaby” – FAKE TYPE. x ADO
  • all music– Hiroyuki Sawano x ADO
  • World’s Sequel– Horisaka Yuta x ADO
  • Whereabouts of Wind– Motohiro Hata x ADO

Also, the song ADO’s New Genesis Already is complete on Youtube.

This will be the place where the most of the movie, elegy island.

elegy island one piece

This could be the uta devil fruit power.

Finally, Uta has become a VTuber. Your videos will be posted on the one piece channel and the first one is already published.

We cannot complain about contentwe may be five weeks without manga but we will have a thousand more things to enjoy during the break. I have more and more desire to see One Piece Film Red.