One Piece: everything you need to know about Luffy’s new devil fruit and its powers

The most recent chapters of the One Piece manga have revealed important information about Luffy’s new fruit to us.

the sleeve of one piece has finally shown us one of the events that readers have been waiting for many years: luffy fruit awakening.

During the battle in Onigashima between Luffy and Kaido, the latter has proven to be superior to our protagonist, leaving him out of action on multiple occasions. However, Luffy always gets back on his feet and, this last time, he managed to awaken his fruit.

But this is not all that is relevant that these last chapters of the manga have left us, because it also Key information about Luffy’s devil fruit confirmedwhich all our lives we knew as the Gomu-Gomu no Mi of type Parameciabut Now we know it’s a mythological zoan.

Luffy’s Fruit Awakening

After many years, Luffy has finally awakened his fruit.

As we mentioned recently, readers and manga lovers of one piece more than 20 years have passed thinking that the fruit that the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, had eaten was the Gomu-Gomu no Mi of type Paramecia. And this was information that Shanks himself revealed to us at the beginning of the work.

However, at the climax of the Wano Warspecifically the battle in Onigashima between Luffy and Kaido, the latter demonstrated his superiority by knocking out the protagonist several times, who got up again to continue fighting.

It was in this way that Luffy finally managed to awaken the power of his fruit to face Kaido and beat him once and for all. Although our protagonist He called this new transformation “Gear 5, following the same line of his previous transformations. This may be because he is unaware that he has awakened the fruit.

With this new transformation, which manga readers have been waiting for many years, finally Luffy poses a real danger in the battle against Kaido., because it has managed to reverse the balance. But this is not all that these last chapters showed us, but fundamental information about the fruit was revealed to us.

Luffy’s fruit is not Paramecia, but mythological Zoan

The most recent chapters of the One Piece manga have revealed information about Luffy's fruit

The most recent chapters of the One Piece manga have revealed information about Luffy’s fruit

All our lives we have seen Luffy turn his body into rubber, stretch great distances and use his creativity to create attacks devastating thanks to its fruit, which we knew as the Gomu-Gomu no Mi.

But in these recent chapters of the manga, the very Gorousei gives us vital information about it, telling us that it is not a fruit of the type Parameciaotherwise mythological zoan and very powerful. In fact, her real name is Hito-Hito no Mi, model Nika.

Previously we have known two similar fruits, being one of them the one with Sengoku, which is the model daibutsu, which allows him to become a giant golden Buddha. Furthermore, like all Zoanallows its user to go through 3 transformation phases, which are: its normal state, a hybrid state, and a full transformation phase.

Luffy’s fruit, which we now know is the Hito-Hito no Mi, model Nika, is unknown to many within the world of one piece. Although it is said that this character is the God of fire.

However the Gorousei It also reveals that one of the characteristics of this powerful fruit is allow its user to turn their body into rubber. And if we add to this the fact that Luffy has finally woken her up, then everything we are seeing in the manga is consistent, since previously Doflamingo told us that, by awakening the fruit, this power could be transferred to the environment.

A very important detail is that, with this new information that has been revealed to us about Luffy’s fruit, we understand because the Gorousei has spent many years searching for her, as they recognize that she has the potential to be a real danger to them and the World Government. In addition, it would also explain why Caesar Clown and Vegapunk, two important scientists, tried to create this type of artificial fruit, although without success.

Luffy’s new powers and the potential of his fruit

With his awakened fruit, Luffy is able to turn his surroundings into rubber.

With his awakened fruit, Luffy is able to turn his surroundings into rubber.

As we explained before, fruits of type_ Zoan_ have the characteristic of allowing the user to go through 3 transformations. And if we analyze everything we have seen to date, we could say that the basic or human state of Luffy is the one we have witnessed since the beginning of the series.

While your Gear 4in all its variants, Could it be the hybrid phase of Luffy’s transformation?, Well, we notice that its appearance changes a bit. And, the complete transformation of him, would be the form that he has achieved by awakening the fruit of him, which he called Gear 5.

Luffy’s hair now assimilates to firealthough white, but it also gives off smoke that comes out of its body, as we could see in its transformations with the gears.

But what we say has not yet been confirmed, they are speculations, which would make a lot of sense. What is clear is that Luffy will finally show us all his potential and power to face Kaido now that you have awakened your fruit.

And, as we saw in the recent chapter, Luffy has started hitting Kaido back.reversing the balance, so the victory of this game is no longer guaranteed. Yonko. In addition, we have also witnessed the way in which Luffy transfers the fruit’s power to his surroundings, causing even Onigashima’s ground to turn to rubber. and using it in combat.

An interesting detail to mention is that, with this new transformation of Luffy, his joy is very noticeable, so it would make sense then that our protagonist is joy boy or has become this.

joy boy is that figure that inflicts fear and terror on the World Government and whom they have tried to hunt down for years. Now, finally, everything seems to indicate that Luffy is this character.

one piece still at the climax of his story and continues to reveal much important information about the events of the pastAs the Void Century and much more. For now, it remains to wait for Eiichiro Oda continue to amaze us with this adventure that has been going on for more than 25 years.

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