One Piece explains everything you need to know about Kaido’s origin


Kaido was destined to belong to the ranks of the war as a true Captain.

Kaido, known as the Most Powerful Creature, is one of the greatest tyrants in One Piece.. This Governor General of the Beasts Pirates (and, of course, one of the Four Emperors) has taken it upon himself to carefully watch over the vast seas of the New World.

The first appearance of this character came from Monkey D. Garp (in water 7), shortly after he had the shadow of Monkey D. Luffy in his possession. Later, his place as one of the Four Emperors was revealed after the Straw Hat Pirates managed to defeat Moria. However, things changed in the Wano Arc, when he and his crew had to occupy this country. Of course, Kaido is the main antagonist of this arc and retains his position within the Four Emperors saga.

Until now, Beast Pirate Captain Kaido has enjoyed a great reputation after going undefeated in each of his battlesTherefore, one of the most epic and expected confrontations by fans was against Luffy in chapter 1036. The fact that both shared the dream of becoming the New King of the Pirates caused a tension that enveloped the world of One Piece for a long time.

But, unfortunately, it seems that this villain’s attempts to carry out his mission were not enough after what was seen in the Wano War. Now that we could read the outcome of this almost endless confrontation, the last chapter of the manga took the opportunity to tell some important details about the past of the former Pirate of the Rocks, where Kaido’s story is told in a few pages. And truth be told, there are a lot of key pieces that were missing to better understand the Pirate Captain. Especially since it’s about the origins of him. So, if you haven’t read One Piece manga chapter 1049, you might be in for a few surprises.


Kaido’s warlike past

To get into the matter, the latest episode of the shonen adventure series reached new heights with this update on the villain’s life. In a flashback, Kaido appears as a ten year old boy; but surprisingly, he has left a mark behind him as a great soldier who could destroy everything in his path. Thus, he was considered fit for the art of war from his youth. After this significant event, Kaido was supposedly sold to the army of his country, the Kingdom of Vodka, to carry out some of the most complicated tasks. Among them, the annex to the next Reverie. But, contrary to popular belief, the future Beast Pirate captain did not like the idea, so he chose to quickly escape to this fate.

Later, when Kaido was only fifteen years old, he had already been required by the Rock Pirates (which in the future would become the most powerful pirate group in the world, on a par with the Straw Hats) to be one more member. At that time, along with Big Mom, Whitebeard and other tyrants, this group was led by Rocks D. Xebec and had already carved out a space for themselves in the world of the Gran Line. A decade later, Kaido has joined forces with the King of the Beast Pirates and finally leaves behind his dream of ruling the country of Wano, despite knowing that the only way to achieve it is by force. But this is not an impediment for Kaido, on the contrary, it adds some events in his history with the battlefield.

Proof of the above, the Beast Pirate Captain stands up in front of his crew members and, with a very firm tone, talks about his plans to change the world:

“Let’s take all these pampered and noble-born rulers and drag them from their thrones onto the battlefield with us! That’s what I call equality and freedom! A world where only war decides the true value of a man”.


After this harsh speech the flashback concludes. Everything seems to indicate that Kaido has been defeated, but if we can realize something, it is that the villain was always sure of his role in the war and was in no hurry to remove all the obstacles in his way to achieve it. Furthermore, the enmity between Luffy and Kaido only proves that he will remain in his only goal: to defeat the resistance of the isolated nation.

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