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One Piece explained how its dragons actually fly, and it’s a hell of a surprise! The series is now in the midst of the climax of not only the war on Onigashima but the Wano Country arc as a whole, and fans are starting to learn a lot more about the series’ lore as a whole. . The common power of Kaido and Momonosuke, the fruit of the demon dragon, has been shrouded in many mysteries. Now that Momo fully unleashes her own dragon form, we’re starting to learn more about Kaido’s version of the dragon transformation, which is surprisingly.

The final chapter of the series reunites Momo and Yamato on their own mission, while Luffy takes care of Kaido, but Momo has already needed everything he has to get to the top of the Skull Dome. His fear of heights had kept him from flying until now, but when Yamato explains how dragons fly in this series, it ends up working for Momo. Dragons pull the clouds in their claws and form small platforms they can walk on.

One Piece The Explanation Of How Dragons Fly

Chapter 1027 of the series sees Yamato attempting to clear the roof of the Skull Dome with Momonosuke in order to aid Luffy in the final fight against the Emperor. Momo is reluctant to jump from the Skull Dome, and the two end up falling to the ground before Yamato never tells him to hang on to the sky. Yamato reminds Momo that dragons don’t fly as you might think, but grab pieces of cloud to propel themselves.

Dragons create their own clouds and catch them to move around the sky. Yamato reveals that these clouds are called “clouds of flames.” This gives Momo the confidence he needs to “fly” through the sky, as he now always has something to hold on to. But this ability to create and control clouds of flame is something he’ll need to master as quickly as possible, as it’s also revealed that Kaido moved Onigashima Island through the air with his own clouds. Those clouds are now disappearing, and Momo must act quickly to keep the island from falling.