One Piece fan art video brings Luffy’s awakening to life

The extensive sleeve of one piecehas gone through a long list of important events, and it is precisely among them that it has given us the most powerful form of its characters, especially its protagonist Monkey D Luffythe powerful boy who wears a straw hat and has grown up before our eyes with each chapter full of adventure and action.

That is why a title as beloved as this one has received a series of tributes on more than one occasion, where its fans create drawings, illustrations or cosplays about its characters, but this time, it is something more special, since an illustrator has given life to Gear Fifth Luffywhich unleashes all his power and is the result of his Gomu Gomu, who has placed him as one of the strongest pirates in the Grand Line.

And it is that, this peculiar character has gone through all kinds of situations, but his cheerful and spontaneous personality have not ceased to be his personal brand, always leaving us with a pleasant taste in each of his episodes, although it must be admitted that there is still much of the long manga volumes of Eiichiro Oda for animating, that’s why a video like this is really valued by the One Piece fandom.

Now, Gear Fifthfor those unfamiliar with Luffy’s latest and most powerful form, it transforms the Straw Hat Captain into a living cartoon, giving Monkey the power to shoot lightning from the sky, transform everything he touches into rubber, and allow him to to effectively change reality in your favor.

He’s Jovzky Animationan experienced animator and huge fan of One Piece, and recently took the opportunity to imagine what Luffy’s Gear Fifth transformation would look like in full motion, with the form arriving ready to hit One Piece sooner rather than later and giving Monkey a complete makeover that transforms his hair and outfit white while giving him the weirdest powers we’ve seen in the series to date.

You can find him on his official Twitter account as @jovzkyanimation, where he has a few followers, as well as on his official YouTube account Jovzkie Animation, where he gives us other interesting animations. We hope that this fan art has been to your liking, if so, leave your comments on our social networks, and please continue on eGames News.