One Piece: Fan receives the Straw Hat signed by the author of the series – Senpai

Originally from India, a fan of One Piece He has just fulfilled a dream that any follower of the series would like to star in, because after attending a television program in Japan he was surprised with a Straw Hat autographed by the author himself Eiichiro Oda.

Sorika He traveled to Japan to thank Oda for making him see the importance of dreams and for the great impact it has had on his life while with his computer company. The luck he must have is gigantic since Oda himself responded to his gesture with the Straw Hat accompanied by the following message.

“Nice to meet you, Surika-san. So you want to found the best IT company in the world, huh? From my experience as a dreamer who achieved his goal, I can only tell you one thing: dreams do come true. That’s why today I have something for you… It’s a straw hat with my signature. And if one day your company asks me to collaborate, I will definitely accept… and maybe you will return my hat as a great businessman”

An invaluable treasure | Photo: Eiichiro Staff

This special moment was not only left in the cards, because as we said above it was delivered during a program in Japan; and as if that were not enough emotions in a single article, the Straw Hat signed by the author of One Piece was delivered by Shuichi Ikeda and Mayumi Tanaka in person (voices of Shanks and Luffy in the anime respectively).

What did you think of this great detail from the author of One Piece?


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