One Piece: fans debate which character could die this year

The final arc of one piece is scheduled to continue in 2023, with Eiichiro Oda promising that this current story will be the last for the Straw Hat Pirates, though just because the ending is being worked on doesn’t mean it will hit the screen anytime soon.

That is why, while they try once and for all to make the dream of luffy to become the new king of pirates and be able to eliminate world hunger. So, after a long fight where while all the Straw Hat Pirates were able to escape the fight against the Beast Pirates alive, this could be a different story in the final story of Grand Line.

Since now, fans started making some predictions about which characters might bite the bullet this year and not continue on the series. So far in the Final Arc, no Straw Hats have died as a result of coming into contact with the Dr Vegapunk and the infamous villain known as Rob Lucci.

With Luffy using his transformation Gear Fifth in the fight against the leopard-spotted fighter, it looks like the Straw Hat Captain might be unkillable at this point, especially since during the encounter, he took off his head and started flailing it around in battle.

so if ok the Straw Hats they’ve survived some savage fights, the Shonen series has seen some deaths in the past, and perhaps Ace and Whitebeard are two of the biggest examples of death not only in One Piece, but in the game. anime usually.

And it all took on more weight when the Twitter account Outlet New World Artur got the ball rolling as Straw Hat fans debated which heroes, or which villains, would not make it out of Eiichiro Oda’s Shonen series alive when the arc finale finally ran its course.