One Piece: fans discover design problem with Yamato – JAPANFM

Yamato easily became one of the greatest characters introduced in One Piece’s War Arc for Wano, so it’s no surprise that when Kaido’s offspring were introduced to the world of the anime adaptation, fans watched carefully to make sure the warrior using the name “Kozuki Oden” lived up to the source material. Sadly, it looks like the anime left out a key Yamato trait that most originally wouldn’t have seen when it came to comparing his manga design to that of the animated series.

Currently, in the pages of the manga, Yamato helps the Straw Hats fight his father Kaido, attempting not only to fulfill Oden’s dream, but also to save the citizens of this isolated nation. As Momonosuke, the true son of Oden, took on his dragon form to aid the Resistance, Yamato transformed into a wolf and rampaged down on his father to end the war, hopefully. The animated series is moving at lightning speed to catch up with the events of the manga, and it could be reaching the current events sooner than we think, as the war for Wano rages on in both media.

Reddit user The Jaded Emperor was able to notice that Yamato in the manga had a wick on the top of his head, while in the anime that particular trait appears to be missing, which is a slight deviation that fans have. of Grand Line were able to notice when comparing the two versions of Kaido’s offspring:

The anime is set to take a new step forward, not only documenting the incredible battle between Luffy and his straw pirates against Kaido and his pirates-beasts, but also with Toei Animation which is about to release the thousandth episode of the long-term series. As Eiichiro Oda continues to prepare for the end of the Straw Hats story, fans are waiting to see what other milestones the series will reach before the franchise. Shonen don’t take his swan song.