One Piece fans discuss possible deaths in the Wano Saga

Many think that one piece It is one of the calmest anime of the Shōnen current, but that belief is somewhat far from reality, as many beloved characters died in battle and with large doses of honor. And now, in the saga Wano many deaths are happening, but there is one is special that fans have not fully believed.

The theory comes from the chapter 1048 of the manga, and this is related to one of the family members oden. After much speculation, it seems to have been confirmed that the character of Toki died during the assault Orochi to the castle. No body was shown in this chapter, but it led to the belief that this green-haired girl died there.

Even though in the manga pages of one piece they say verbatim that this was the fate of Toki, many think that this clarification in the balloons that affirm it is totally false. This comes from other episodes, since it was thought that all the inhabitants of the place had died from the flames of the castle, which did not happen with some characters.

So the fans are still not convinced until the body of Toki. The work has become unpredictable over time, so at any time Ode can give a surprise. Usually deaths in one piece they have their degree of epicness, so leaving important characters aside as if nothing was something that the series is not good at.


In news related to this franchise, it was confirmed that the voice actress of Luffy has delivered an important message to fans, one that relates to the latest movie that will see its premiere in August. If you want to know more, you can read the complete note in this link.

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