‘One Piece Film Red’: 6 things we need to know to prepare for the premiere of the long-awaited anime film

The month is flying by and we have November just around the corner, which means that there is nothing left and less for us to see on the big screen ‘One Piece Film Red’, the new anime film in the franchise.

In Japan already it’s a real hit and has fully entered the top of the highest grossing anime movies in history. So to get up to date for this new adventure with the straw hat pirateshere are a few facts to be prepared.

getting to know uta

‘One Piece Film Red’ It kicks off in full at the concert of Uta, a wonderful singer whom everyone adores, and who appears in public for the first time. Of course, Luffy and the rest of the crew are not going to miss an event like this, so they are the first to sign up to not miss a single song.

uta She is an old friend of Luffy and the daughter of Shanks, the Redheadso little by little the concert becomes more complicated as various individuals try to destroy it with their own plans.

To give a little more context to the relationship between Uta and Luffy, in the anime of ‘One Piece’ we have had episodes 1029 and 1030which are a small filler break with many flashbacks.

behind the scenes

Eiichiro Oda has been very involved in the production, and in addition to making character designs is credited as producer and supervisor. This is the first time that he has also acted as a producer since ‘One Piece Film: Strong World’, although here his contributions to the story have been even greater.

In addition, we have as director goro taniguchi, one of the most important directors of Sunrise and that he has worked on several installments of ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ and ‘Code Geass’. In addition, Taniguchi directed at the time the first animated special of ‘One Piece’, ‘I’ll beat you! Pirate Ganzack!’

In addition to Oda, at the forefront of history we have Tsutomu Koroiwawho wrote at the time ‘One Piece Film: Gold’ and his special, ‘One Piece: Heart of Gold’. And how could it be otherwise, the film has been animated sinceand Toei Animation.

And the canon?

As with all the ‘One Piece’ movies, we can assume that ‘One Piece Film Red’ is non-canon and is an adventure apart from the crew because Oda prefers to leave the main story within the manga and anime canon. So even if we are not very up to date with the series, it can still be enjoyed.

One Piece Film Red

If we wanted to frame it at a specific moment, and for some small reference that sneaks into the film, ‘One Piece Film Red’ It happened before we got fully into the Wano Arc.

Of course, as it happens with many ‘One Piece’ movies, Although the story itself is not canon, there are certain details and lore information that can be. For example in ‘One Piece: Stampede‘ it was revealed from the name that ‘Laugh Tale’ was the correct name of the last island before it officially appeared in the manga.

spoiler alert

So it’s time to talk about spoilersbecause although it is not necessary to be up to date with all the history of the manga, there is one for those who are further behind.

It’s nothing about the plot, and it’s practically an easter egg to celebrate something that has happened recently in the manga. But if you still have to reach the most recent chapters or have managed to avoid the spoiler during these months, in ‘One Piece Film Red’ break us a news about Luffy even if it’s only a matter of a few seconds.

Premiere in style

Finally the release date for Spain will be November 3. ‘One Piece Film Red’ will also arrive in the original version with subtitles, but it will also be available in Spanish and CatalanY counting again with the usual voice actors who have been dubbing the characters for so long in our country.

To celebrate the premiere, there will be two special events in Barcelona and Madrid, where gifts will fall for the attendees and the dubbing cast and also the creators of the film will be present. So if you’re in one of the two cities, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the premiere of ‘One Piece Film Red’.

One Piece Film Red 2

25 years of ‘One Piece’

This summer the 25 years of ‘One Piece’, since the manga began to be published in Shonen Jump magazine. These months have been accompanied by all kinds of events, and ‘One Piece Film Red’ is also a very nice tribute with many character cameos that we have been able to see throughout the series.

So watch the credits! Because although we don’t have a post-credits scene per se, the credits of the film are really nice and it’s worth watching to remember some of the most exciting moments of this journey that we have been doing for so long with the Straw Hats.