One Piece Film Red ALMOST surpasses Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in its premiere in Spain

On November 3, it premiered in Spain “One Piece Film Red“, a long-awaited anime film that took many of us to theaters, to the point that on Thursday it was already in highest box office in the country. Could the film hope to top others like “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero“? Definitely, and although it has achieved something that no other feature film has achieved all year, ultimately Gohan Beast has been too powerful an opponent.

One Piece Film Red debuts with an animal force in theaters in Spain… but not with that of a beast

I’ll tell you next the little things that Selecta Vision has mentioned in a new press release about the film (for which I must thank @KB24GOD of @NeoAnimeZ) which mentions things like the following:

  • Literally, Selecta Vision explains that One Piece Film Red “has become the highest-grossing anime premiere ever on its first day with an attendance of 32,000 viewers on Thursday alone“.
  • To this, they follow with the following: “With over 107,300 viewers, it has become this year’s highest-grossing anime premiere on its first day. The film has grossed a total of €724,632 in its first four days in theaters“.
  • To be honest, the press release is a bit confusing, since after mentioning the best anime premiere in history (they do it in the introduction) in the body there is no reference to it. I’ve seen a lot of people on Twitter talk about ‘and what about Super Hero and Jujutsu Kaisen 0‘, and it is that with the data in hand, Super Hero raised 738 thousand euros only from September 2 to 4 (and well, if one includes the same preview Thursday, the data goes up to 853 thousand euros).
  • I think that the best anime premiere of this year is most likely correct, but only referring literally to the first day of release, or well, what would be the preview in this case. Again, data in hand, it is very close to other great releases although without surpassing them (for now, namely in total when its step ends).

The summary, come on, is that “One Piece Film Red” has blown it up in its first weekend in Spain. It is clear that in other parts of the world it will not be the same, In fact, in Japan, it is only necessary to see the sovereign beating that Film Red hit “Super Hero”, but in the West the weight of “Dragon Ball” is still brutal, and especially in a country where we have so much tradition as Spain. Luckily, with these data the truth is that we all win.

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