“One Piece: Film Red” and 5 facts about the return of the Mugiwaras to the cinema

“One Piece: Film Red” arrived on November 3 at theaters in Latin America. In Japan, it premiered last August. (Toei Animation)

The fifteenth film in the animated franchise one piece It hit theaters in Latin America on November 3, thus marking the return of the Straw Hats (also known as Mugiwaras) to the big screen after three years. under the title of One Piece: Film Red, anime fans are reunited with Luffy and his crew in a new cinematic adventure. What information should you know before watching it?

Since the first preview of the anime film was released, a mystery was woven around a character never seen before: utathe girl who was raised by Shank, The redhead. When she reveals her identity to the world, she grows a community of fans around her and has even caught the attention of the Mugiwaras. The group led by Luffy attends one of her presentations without a hint of the surprise they will get when they learn of her true origin.

Luffy and Shanks cross paths again in the fifteenth film of the franchise. (Toei Animation)

The most recent production one piece in the cinema it does not belong to the canon of the series, since the story of the adaptation is originally based on the manga by Eiichiro Oda. For many fans, touching the mangaka’s narrative matrix would be an offense to the world he has built over decades; however, others would like some of the plots or characters presented on the big screen to reappear in the animated fiction that broadcasts its episodes every week.

The original themes for the films of the franchise have always managed to penetrate the audience, but, this time, One Piece: Film Red he chooses to add very musical elements within his own script. This is how we ran into Uta, a young artist and influencer who performs wonderful songs with an impressive voice. The soundtrack was composed by Yasutaka Nakata and featured lead vocals from Japan’s Ado. In total, the film contains seven songs: “Shin jidai (New Genesis)”, “Mrs. Green Apple”, “Vaundy”, “Fake Type”, “Hiroyuki Sawano”, “Yuta Orisaka”, and “Motohiro Hata”.

The Straw Hats will learn the past of a mysterious character.  (Toei Animation)
The Straw Hats will learn the past of a mysterious character. (Toei Animation)

To date, the anime’s 15th film has grossed over $172 million globally and the number continues to rise. Its predecessor (One Piece: Stampede) earned just over $81 million at the box office, and the one before it (One Piece Film: Gold) managed to register a total of 66.2 million. Prior to those two, One Piece Film:Z (2012) and One Piece Film: Strong World (2009) obtained a collection of 74 and 66 million respectively. Therefore, the trend of its success was maintained for more than a decade and grew remarkably in 2022.

according to website Rotten Tomatoes, the percentage of criticism of the animated film accumulates 95 percent acceptance. “Uta demonstrates an exciting new personality, extraordinary influence, and powerful rival to the pirates, serving to bring back Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates gang, while leading Luffy and his crew on a new course.” argues Peter Debruge, of Variety.

The famous singer Uta is the daughter of the leader of the Red Hair Pirates.  (Toei Animation)
The famous singer Uta is the daughter of the leader of the Red Hair Pirates. (Toei Animation)

On the other hand, Emma Stefansky, of IndieWireopined that “she walks a very fine line, her story is familiar enough for newcomers, with details as strange and striking as a story of one piece could be.”

One Piece: Film Red It can already be seen in theaters in Latin America.

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