One Piece Film Red and The First Slam Dunk make Toei smash their best all-time records in 2022

Toei has confirmed that its 2022 has been by far its best year at the box office, and cites One Piece and Slam Dunk as the drivers

Toei Animation He had a crazy 2022, releasing three films that ended up being key to signing the best year in his history at the box office: “One Piece Film Red“, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Y “The First Slam Dunk“Now, it has been the company itself that has spoken publicly about the incredible year it lived, and highlighting on the performance of the films “One Piece” and “Slam Dunk” (indeed, the “Dragon Ball Super” movie is left out of Toei’s honorary comments).

Toei almost doubled its best ever box office record in 2022

Basically, what Toei has revealed about 2022 who lived in the cinema, is summarized in the following points (via ANN):

  • From January 1 to December 31, 2022, Toei reveals that they registered 32,563,660,570 yenwhich in euros come to be about 228.88 million. This spectacular data completely destroys the company’s previous best annual box office record, which dates back to the 17,980,254,340 yen for 2009 (about 125.59 million euros). That is, the new data remains pretty close to almost doubling the previous all-time high. 🤑
  • Toei also reveals that this income was given through a total sale of tickets that rises to 23,646,555. 🥳
  • Also, Toei stands out above all the performance of One Piece Film Red and The First Slam Dunk for this dream year of the company, something that is broken down as follows:
    • One Piece Film Red sold 13.79 million tickets of Toei’s total. That is, more than half of all tickets sold in 2022 by the company refer to the new Luffy movie. 💪
    • The First Slam Dunkstill at the box office and having held its first position for the last six weeks, accumulates 5.27 million tickets sold. 👌

I still find it sad to see that the role that “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” had in Japan was so irrelevant that Toei doesn’t even highlight the film for its review of 2022. Although the film was not a failure as such, it fell far short of what was expected for the name “Dragon Ball”. One can only have faith now that the next film will appeal more to domestic viewers, which in the end seems to be the only thing the company values ​​pretty much.