One Piece Film Red arrives in Colombia: this is its release date

Have you been waiting for a long time for the arrival of the new movie one piece? The wait will soon be over Well, a few hours ago it was confirmed that One Piece Film Red It already has a release date in Colombia and will be in theaters.

The information was revealed by the twitter account of Cinemark Colombia. This indicates that indeed One Piece Film Red It will be in theaters next Thursday, October 13.

Since the announcement was made recently and there is still time for the premiere, there is no ticket office for the movie yet. Additionally, it is unknown in which specific cities or theaters it will be available.

The feature film would arrive in the country two months after its debut in Japan (August 6). In the meantime, he has been getting satisfactory grades in pages like IMDB.

We already have a release date in Colombia, but what is it about? One Piece Film Red?

Not much has been clarified about the film’s story. According to the trailer, this will have a lot to do with the relationship that the ‘yonko’ Akagami no Shanks (Shanks the Redhead) has with his daughter Uta. These characters turn out to be very striking for the followers of one pieceWell, Shanks is still a very mysterious character that has not been seen much in the anime. We only know that he has a certain fondness for Luffy, to whom he gave him his straw hat.

On the other hand, there is Uta. The trailer tells us that she is “a diva” and that something remarkable about her character is her voice.. It is possible that it is dedicated to the entertainment world. However, we see that at some point he crosses paths with Luffy, so we will get to see more of Shanks’ family life.

To find out more, you will need to watch the film. However, keep in mind that the events that occur are not canon; namely, that will have no official impact on the story told in the anime.

Font: Cinemark Colombia