‘One Piece Film Red’: At what point in the anime chronology is the new film set

Finally this week it opens in Spain ‘One Piece Film Red‘, and he does it with a lot of fanfare and with two great events where Select Vision He has promised quite a few gifts for the attendees.

But of course, as with every new movie of ‘one piece‘, there is also a bit of a question about how far we need to go in the anime to find out everything, and at what point exactly we can place the story.

yes but No

The first thing to note is that, like the other anime movies, ‘One Piece Film Red’ is not canon. The lore and the information mentioned in it is, but not so much the events that occur during the movie.

Then… Where do we fit it? Well, we have certain clues thanks to the characters that appear in it, some lines of dialogue that give us some markers of what is happening in the world, and also some details with the characters themselves, such as the weapon that Zoro wields.

Therefore, without going into details, we could say that ‘One Piece Film Red’ takes place sometime between the start of the Wano Arc and the end of it.. Of course, considering the plot of the anime and how things have been developing, it would be impossible for them to stop for Uta’s concert, so the easiest thing is to assume that the series has magically paused and Oda has grabbed the characters and planted them in a different setting for the film.

So it is quite impossible to locate it at all, although if you want to go with the canon plot up to date, it would only be necessary to have finished the events of Whole Cake Island. And yet, you can also follow the plot without too much difficulty and we don’t miss anything too important.

One Piece Film Red Img2

The thing to keep in mind is that yes there is a spoiler of the Wano Arc towards the end of ‘One Piece Film Red’and it is something that has only been seen in the manga for now, so up to now take it at your own risk.