One Piece Film Red Brings New T-shirts To Uniqlo, And There’s One That’s Gorgeous

One Piece Film Red” is released next month in theaters in Spain, specifically from November 3, 2022 after what Select Vision will bring forward the original release date by a day. Obviously, knowing that Shanks and his daughter have a central role in the film, the reality is that hype has been generated quite simply, and the situation has even allowed that we already have new shirts in Uniqlo as promotional merchandising.

Uniqlo celebrates One Piece Film Red with a new line of T-shirts

Has been the ann team The one who has collected this information initially from the hand of Uniqlo from the USA… but in Spain too! Indeed, these shirts are also available in the branch of our country, and they are the ones that I leave you below:

As you can imagine, they are 3 shirts and what I have put in the image is a rear and front shot of each of these. On the other hand, four details that you must take into account:

  • You can find the collection in question in this section of Uniqlo. ❗
  • All t-shirts have the same price: €19.90. ❗
  • There is only one color for each model, that is, the shirts are as you are seeing them. ✔️
  • Shipping to home takes about a week to be produced, according to the estimated dates of the store. ✔️
  • For now most sizes are available for all the models, yes, in some of the larger sizes they are already becoming scarce. ✔️

I the truth that I’m thinking about buying Shanks putting the hat on Luffy, because there are few moments with more history in the entire existence of anime. In any case, I wouldn’t be surprised if with the premiere of “One Piece Film Red” they put even more different models, so maybe taking it easy is not a bad option.

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