‘One Piece Film: Red’: director tells ‘Viva’ behind the scenes of the film

Filmmaker Gorō Taniguchi considers himself the luckiest fan of one piece. This 51-year-old Japanese director had directed the film One Piece: Defeat The Pirate Ganzack (1998) with great success and now, more than 20 years later, he returns to the same ground for his most recent production.

Is about One Piece Film: Red (2022), a film that is already in theaters and has caused the fascination of the entire planet. “I was very surprised when they offered me to direct this film,” says the Japanese in an interview given exclusively to Live“but the emotion was stronger than anything.”


One Piece Film Red director tells Viva behind the scenes

This is the fifteenth feature film on the list of productions inspired by this emblematic title, which began airing in 1997.

one piece tells the story of a young man named Monkey D. Luffy, who, inspired by his pirate friend Shanks, begins a journey to achieve his dream, to be the King of the pirates, for which he must find the treasure called One Piece, which was left behind. by former pirate king Gol D. Roger.

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In the case of One Piece Film: Red presents the story of Uta, a famous and beloved singer around the world. Her voice is considered the best of all, but the young woman always hides her identity when she performs on stage. However, the time has come to show her true face in a live concert, which will bring many surprises for Luffy and her company.

The development of this tape started as a commemoration of the 100 episodes of the famous anime and manga, written and illustrated by the artist Eiichiro Oda.

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According to director Taniguchi, he had many doubts as to whether he was the right person to be in charge of the film, but it was Oda himself who asked him to lead the project.

“Mr. Oda just told me: ‘yes, let’s play together,’” says the filmmaker. “Then I kept thinking: how am I going to deny this opportunity if it was the creator himself who gave me his approval?”

The result is gigantic: One Piece Film: Red is the most watched Toei Animation studio film of the year, surpassing the also successful Dragon Ball Super: SuperHero.

“It is very special to have directed this film, since it made me think about everything it has meant one piece for me. I am very grateful”, concludes Taniguchi.

you can enjoy One Piece: Film Red in your favorite Cinépolis room, since it has been on the billboard since last November 3.