One Piece Film: Red divides the public in Japan with very mixed reviews

One of the most anticipated dates in the world of manga and anime in Japan has brought with it a rather peculiar and noteworthy fact. One Piece Film: Redthe 15th best-selling manga film of all time, one piecepremiered on August 6 in Japanese theaters and has not left anyone indifferent.

There are several very prominent reasons why One Piece fans don’t want to miss this movie. Probably the most important and the one that has caused the greatest expectation is that Shankone of the most important and mysterious characters in the play, takes center stage. Any opportunity to be able to see content to know any type of canonical information regarding it, is a reason of the utmost importance.. Well, it is worth noting that the red-haired pirate is one of the most popular characters within the One Piece community.

Another reason is that it coincides with a very special date, since it is 25 years since the first publication of the manga. A series that is going to enter its final saga, commented by the own Eiichiro Oda. And the last reason that is discussed and also arouses a lot of curiosity is utaShank’s daughter. All these ingredients make this film a date with many things to look forward to. However, despite great anticipation, we find a very noticeable difference of opinion and never seen at this level in previous films of the franchise.

The page Eigaa prestigious Japanese movie analysis portal, brings us a very divided review. 27% of the votes have 5 stars, while 23% have a single star. The film has an average of 2.9 stars as of the publication of this article. An average that unfortunately does not meet general expectations, but that must be taken with tweezers. At Nintenderos we wanted to delve into the possible reasons and we have translated some of the most outstanding reviews, of course, without spoilers.

The main particularity that is shared is the theme and its musical novelty. Many of the 5-star reviews comment that they loved it because One Piece Film: Red has a style that can be interpreted as “the first One Piece musical film”. In this way, by betting on this musical style, there are people who have loved it and people who have been disappointed.. It should be noted that the film does not abandon the epic of the combats, despite the fact that it adds the musical theme.

Shank One Piece

Continuing with more reasons and this time, being clearly more negative, we find that the information related to Shanks was not what was expected. Apparently, for a large majority of people it has not been satisfactory according to the plot, since it does not connect too much with the premise. As if this were not enough, the star of the film, Uta, the daughter of Shanks, does not seem to have the necessary psychological depth according to a part of the fans.

All this also seems to influence a fact that is quite commented on the page. The movie seems to be geared towards a young audience that doesn’t know One Piece deeply., more than for the most die-hard fans. However, there are people who do declare that the film has the spirit of the work. Very different opinions that make One Piece Film: Red a real puzzle, unleashing numerous debates.

The best recommendation is for each person to see it and judge for themselves. This is something that the film is achieving and it is about fantastic numbers at the box office. To this day, it is the most successful premiere of all One Piece to date. Its launch in Spain is scheduled for this fall, so there is little left to clear up doubts and have your own opinion.