One Piece Film Red: Does the new movie have a post-credits scene?

One Piece Film Red” opens in just a few days in Spain (November 3, specifically), and what you will find going to the cinema is what I can only describe as ‘a very unique concert‘. yes the movie is a party of all kinds of shades and I am convinced that it will impress more than one, but once the story is finished as such, I understand that it can come out a common question at this point: is it worth waiting for the film’s credits to finish?

Is it worth waiting for the credits of One Piece Film Red to end?

This little doubt is what I come to solve today regarding “One Piece Film Red”, and don’t worry, obviously I do it without spoilers of any kind:

  • If the question is ‘Is there a post-credits scene in One Piece Film Red?‘, the answer consequently can only be one: Yes, there is a post-credits scene.. ❗
  • How long is the scene in question? Well the truth, it is very short. If my memory serves me correctly I would say that it may not even be 1 minute long. ❓
  • Is it worth waiting for the scene? Let’s see, since you have seen almost 2 hours of film, it seems to me that it is his thing. Even so, I already say that It is NOT at all important what is shown. In fact, I thought it was more like forcing the post-credits scene a bit than anything else. ❌

While the post-credits scene of “One Piece Film Red” is a bit dull (for me at least), the rest of the movie was pretty interesting. I already say, especially if one wants see Shanks in action again, something that in any case will surely happen in the weekly manga and anime eventually, the truth is that it is already recommended in itself. Obviously there is much more to the feature film, such as making that Uta is the centerpiece of the story with the curious staging that has.

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