One Piece Film Red Falls Before Speculation; Up to 75 euros for free manga in the cinema!

Content-heavy days of “One Piece Film Red“and it’s totally normal, with the film debuting this weekend, having had its preview yesterday and being already the dominator of the box office in Spain. Because indeed, the national nakamas have not disappointed and have given the film the support it deserves. Well, almost all the nakamas, because a few others have been some SCUNDERS (yes, capital letters included) by taking advantage of the premiere to fuel commercial speculation.

Yes, there are those who have taken advantage of the premiere of One Piece Film Red to make money

I have to thank @SiSoyGari by having shared this on Twitter, and there are already MANY volumes that Selecta Vision gave away for the premiere of “One Piece Film Red” that have gone to Wallapop. What I show you next is just a selection:

Yes, as you can see there are those who have put the volume at 75 EUROS. BUT IF THEY HAVE GIVEN IT TO YOU. The worst thing about the situation is that, for whatever reason, there seems to be many cinemas that the manga have not reached despite Select Vision He has done the relevant thing by sending them. The distributor has already commented that It will be something that investigates with the different chainsbut from what I have seen it looks like it is something that has happened throughout Spain.

Personally, I am not very clear about how this distribution of merchandising works, because as I have already commented on some occasion, from what Selecta Vision says, I understand that they send the volumes at the chain level, and that they are then in charge of distributing them to the different rooms . To me, for example, with the premiere of “Jujutsu Kaisen 0” (in this case of Crunchyroll) it happened to me that I ran out of merchandising. The only thing that is clear to me is that I am sorry that it is always shown that we cannot have beautiful things just because.

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