One Piece Film Red grosses $103 million since its premiere

One Piece Film Red collects 15 billion yen a little over a month since its premiere only in Japan. Instead, they would be $103 million in 46 days, a record.

The official website of the anime revealed last Thursday that One Piece Film Red grossed $103 million, about 15,000 million yen in Japan, in just 46 days at the box office. With the date of the new video game confirmed Y the manga that never ceases to amaze readersit is clear that this new film is going to be a success in the rest of the world.

Number 1 at the box office

The film opened on August 6 and ranked first at the box office on its opening weekend. It managed to sell 1.58 million tickets, which meant earnings of 16.7 million dollars – just over 2,000 million yen. This put her ahead of One Piece Stampede with a 78% higher gross.

So far, it has managed to sell more than 10.72 million tickets worth a total of 14,755,032,100 yen, about 97.31 million dollars, as of Sunday. This makes it the seventh highest-grossing anime film of all time in Japan and the best-selling of the entire franchise. Even surpassing Tenki No Ko, El Tiempo Contigo, by master Makoto Shinkai and international premieres such as Top Gun: Maverick.

Oda celebrates!

To celebrate, Eiichiro Oda, author of the manga, drew an image that shows the new character and protagonist of the film, Uta, on a poster of Wantedbut with the earnings of the film instead of the amount of the reward in berries.

Its premiere in the United States and Canada is scheduled for November 4, in Australia, New Zealand and Spain a day earlier, on November 3 of this year. Although on September 16 the Crunchyroll Expo Australia was able to premiere the subtitled film, as will happen on October 6 at the New York Comic Con.