One Piece Film Red has been beaten as the favorite anime film of 2022

Luffy may become the King of the Pirates in One Piece, but in 2022 his latest movie hasn’t been the most popular.

No one can deny that one piecethe manga created by Eiichiro Oda, is in one of its best moments, increasing its fame and getting new followers. The manga starring Monkey D Luffy has not stopped breaking records, becoming a real success both inside and outside Japan. His last movie One Piece Film Red has become a success both critically and at the box office, surpassing the long-awaited dragon ball super hero.

But there is one thing that we often forget and that is that in Japan tastes are different from those of the rest of the world and that is why the feature film one piece It has not been the most popular anime movie of 2022, at least in the Japanese country.

The website Anime! Anime!, held a poll between December 2 and December 13 to choose the most popular anime film. The results showed that Detective Conan: Halloween’s Bride was the most popular movie in Japan in 2022. While One Piece was the sixth most popular movie.

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The franchise Detective Conan is one of the most popular manga and anime in Japan (and in different parts of the world), so it is not surprising that it has had a better reception than the film based on the manga by Eiichiro Oda. Conan has been in uninterrupted publication for 28 years and is still going strong (already has a movie for 2023), while the manga of Ode It has been published since 1997 and also continues to reap success.

No one can deny that Film Red has been a worldwide success, the character of Uta has enchanted everyone and has become the favorite of many cosplayers. But as we have said, in Japan they see things differently, although we must not detract from the manga of Goshō Aoyamawhich is also a true phenomenon, since this film has become the highest grossing of the franchise and the 12th highest grossing anime film of all time in Japan.

One Piece Detective Conan

The winner has come out of this duel Detective Conan, but he did not trust himself because right behind he has One Piece.