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one piecethe work of Eiichiro Oda and his next movie One Piece Film Red They keep adding more historical events. Many people have been able to enjoy a very special event this weekend. In the city itself New YorkThanks to the new york comic con.

What has had the most impact and what is most talked about these days in relation to the work of Eiichiro Oda, is nothing more and nothing less than the famous electronic billboards of times square. Iconic digital billboards were completely taken over by One Piece and its upcoming movie, One Piece Film Red.

Photo of Times Square, courtesy of @newworldartur

As expected, it is an advertising campaign, with Times Square and New York Comic Con being the settings chosen for it. It is without a doubt, one of the most ambitious and prestigious advertising movements that can be had. Times Square is one of the most famous and emblematic areas in the world. This decision has been a complete success.

In this event it was also possible to enjoy a premiere of the film. Thanks to all this, hundreds and hundreds of attendees of the NYCC They have gathered to cosplay One Piece and relive mythical moments of the work. In this link to the account of Toei Animation On Twitter, you can relive the exact moment fans experienced how One Piece took over Times Square.

One Piece Film Red

Photo by One Piece Film Red at the NYCC, courtesy of @ToeiAnimation

It is noted that there is less and less left for the international premiere in theaters around the world. It’s always a good time to remember that its premiere in Spain and in a large number of countries in the world, is next November 3.

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