‘One Piece Film Red’ is a fun and carefree adventure with a beautiful tribute to 25 years of Eiichiro Oda’s manga

It has already swept Japan and no doubt the pirates of the thousand sunny have been crowned with the big anime movie of the year. Little by little it is already beginning its international journey, and in no time we will be able to see ‘One Piece Film Red’ in Spain with a double event that celebrates the film in style.

Despite what it has swept at the box office, the new ‘One Piece’ movie started with some controversy in Japan for deviating a bit from the type of franchise movies that we usually see. So it is very possible that it is one of those that you either love or hate, but what is certain is that it is full of affection and reminds us why ‘one piece‘ is still so special, 25 years later.

Concert, barbecue… and beware of wishes

Right from the start, ‘One Piece Film Red’ has a bit of a douchebag approach, but what about not even painting the Straw Hats. In this case we are not after a great treasure or a new adventure, but in principle we were considering a very entertaining evening at the concert of utathe most beloved singer in the world.

Uta has a wonderful voice and it’s her first time in public, so logically Luffy and his crew did not want to miss the opportunity and they stand at the concert to spend the day in style. Once there, Luffy recognizes Uta as his old playmate…and she also reveals that she is the daughter of Red-Haired Shanks.

So far it can be read without spoilers, although what can be said is that the concert is as calm as it seemed at first, and things quickly become very dangerous for all those attending.

‘One Piece Film Red’ is a musical film through and through that puts Uta in the center of the stage and with the singer ado playing all the songs. The music is not put to tuntún, if not that it is very important during the plot and the songs are relevant to the moments it touches and do not interrupt the rhythm. But if you don’t like this kind of movies, it can be a bit tiresome.

One Piece Film Red Img2

Despite the musical section, the director Goro Taniguchi does not forget the action and we have combats, duels and all kinds of powers to choose from. Although ‘One Piece Film Red’ begins with a fairly relaxed tone, it is increasingly charging the atmosphere in a story that combines personal tragedies, politics and actionso calm down because we are going to have a lot of this last part.

If already during the first sections of the film we can see some more moving moments, the last third is a real madness, with all the characters unleashing their abilities in a series of sequences that hardly give you time to breathe and that keep you on edge all the time.

The ‘One Piece’ movie exploits the fighting to the fullest, and even weighs down the pace a bit in order to give all the characters their moment.

That no one is missing

Because ‘One Piece Film Red’ is a great festival of characters and cameos, where no one has wanted to miss the Uta concert and we find even the most unexpected attendees in the audience.

One Piece Film Red Img3

The film reminds us that 25 years of ‘One Piece’ go a long way, and that during this time the Straw Hats have gained a good number of allies and antagonistsand the truth is that after all this time with them it is very exciting to remember all these moments again.

As with all the ‘One Piece’ movies, we can assume that ‘One Piece Film Red’ itself is not canon, but certain information that is given to us and especially the brushstrokes that we take on shank’s past. Roughly we can see the movie without too many spoilers about ‘One Piece’although logically we will appreciate the cameos more if we recognize them, but we are not going to miss anything regarding the plot.

Yes indeed, the movie leaves us with a small spoiler for those who are not up to date with Eiichiro Oda’s mangaand although it only lasts a few seconds, it is easy to recognize if you know what it is.

Toei Animation has put all the meat on the grill with ‘One Piece Film Red’ and it shows a lot. In fact, it’s a shame that there hasn’t been a similar treatment with ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’, because the animation of the ‘One Piece’ movie is wonderful and a display of effects.

One Piece Film Red Img4

Although yes combines traditional animation with CGI, both techniques are well integrated and enhance each otherand if concerts are a visual wonder, it is in the action scenes where it shines completely and leaves no puppet with a head.

So if you want to have a good time with an original story of ‘One Piece’ where we can thoroughly enjoy all the characters, without a doubt ‘One Piece Film Red’ is a show worth watching on the big screen.