One Piece Film Red lights up London with incredible screenings of the film in the middle of the city

One Piece Film Red“It has been having an absolutely incredible passage through cinemas since its broadcasts began in 2022, and although in Spain was nothing short of surpassing “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” at its premiere, the truth is that the results he obtained were VERY outstanding. At this point the film remains a crucial promotional element for the franchise, and hence in London have hosted some incredible projections.

One Piece Film Red decorates London in an absolutely spectacular way

Then I leave you with the tweet from the hand of @AllTheAnime in which the final result of the collaboration with the English city can be seen:

What are these projections? Are they “One Piece Film Red” really? Well the truth is It is somewhat ‘minor’, but equally cool:

  • The first of these projections took place yesterday between 18:00 and 23:00, with the images that can be seen in the One Piece Film Red video being projected on County Hall. ✔️
  • The projections are themselves compilations of scenes ranging from the start of the anime to the most recent eventsand hence the presence of One Piece Film Red. ✔️
  • These projections also they will continue to be produced for even more days in up to 15 other locations from london as well specified via AllTheAnime. ❗
  • In the United Kingdom, One Piece Film Red already accumulates more than 800 thousand pounds at the box office, which makes it the highest-grossing film in the franchise in the entire history of the country. Hence, it has been decided to carry out a tribute like this, given the constant and ever-growing popularity of the work. ❗

I have to say that I quite enjoyed “One Piece Film Red”, although in general I have seen that it can be a rather divisive film for all the musical content it presents. Personally I prefer ‘Stampede’, but the truth is that Uta’s story and his impact in “One Piece” is something that has really convinced me.