One Piece Film Red Makes Toei a New All-Time Revenue Record

We are already 3 weeks away from the premiere of “One Piece Film Red” in Spain and the truth is that there is a desire to be able to enjoy this film that, quietly, is going to have Shanks on the screen longer than we have seen him in more than 1000 anime episodes. The truth is that in other parts of the world like France or Japan, the film has been released for weeks and weeks, and this has ended up helping Toei can set a new all-time high income level that you should be VERY happy with.

One Piece Film Red Is Giving Toei All The Money And More It Could Want

So, below I leave you with the key points of the information that the team of AnimeHunch:

  • The data: from January 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022 from Toei have registered (in theaters) 22,046,453,934 yen, which in euros comes to be a figure very close to 156 million. ❗
  • Basically, this data supposes a double historical record for Toei:
    • On the one hand, it is the highest mark in the history of the company in theaters between the months of January and September. ✔️
    • On the other hand, it is already the highest historical figure at the annual level in Toei cinemas. The previous data was 17,980,254,340 yen, which in euros is a little more than 127 million. ‘Curiously’, that data that refers to 2009 coincided with the premiere of One Piece Film Strong World. ✔️
  • Total, One Piece Film Red alone has already generated about 16 billion yen, which is about 70% of Toei’s total box office.. That is to say, an absolute monopoly in the hands of the most recent feature film in the franchise. ❗

For those who have doubts, I will ultimately remember that “One Piece Film Red” opens in Spain from November 3, 2022. In addition, it will do so with two very special premieres, one taking place in Madrid and the other in Barcelona. If you are interested in attending, I recommend you take a look at the article that I have shared.

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