One Piece Film Red Might Have Confirmed A Well-Kept Secret About Shanks

Before starting to explain the theory, you should know that if you continue reading you will see spoilers both of the sleeve like One Piece Film Red. So run away from here if you’re not up to date and you don’t want to know anything.

If there is any mysterious character in One Piece, that is Shank. They have even organized a marketing campaign around the figure of him for a movie in which he is not the protagonist. The Yonko is undoubtedly one of the pirates who will move the play in the final stretch of the story.

But, had you noticed this detail in One Piece Film Red?

Gorosei’s words in One Piece Film Red

During the film, they appear the Five Elders leading the World Government. seeing uta and find out that she is the daughter of Shanks, they associate her with the Figarland family. Namely, associate that Shanks and his offspring belong to that family somehow. Later in the film it is revealed that Uta is not the redhead’s biological daughter, but the pirate is still related to the aforementioned family.

One Piece Film Red It’s not the first place we hear the name of that family. In the chapter 722 from the manga it is mentioned that The Figarlands were one of 20 families who left their kingdoms to move to Mary Geoise.. Namely, they became Tenryubitos.

Yes Shank was related to the family as mentioned in One Piece Film Red, it means that he also would be a World Noble. As we have seen with Don Flamingo before. Apart from this sentence, there are other details which may imply that Shanks is a Tenryubito:

  • His family is not knownas Roger found it in a chest in God Valley.
  • In the chapter 907 from the manga we see how Shanks talks to the Gorosei.
    • They tell him that with his position he is not someone who can get involved in politics but they made room for him to speak for being who he is.
    • This could make you think that they make a hole for you for being a Yonko. But, because of how the phrase is formulated and seeing how little respect they have for other pirates, it doesn’t seem to be the reason.
  • As well as aceson of a pirateit was watch out for garpa marine. East parallelism could have happened with Rogera pirate, taking care of shanksa tenryubito.
  • Secondly, believed to be the son of Rocks D. Xebec. Although there is little data on it.

What do you think? Has One Piece Film Red revealed a secret about the Yonko to us?

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