‘One Piece Film Red’: Otaku denounces Cinépolis for lack of collectibles

Hundreds of fans flocked to their favorite theaters to enjoy ‘One Piece Film Red’, however, not all of them left their show very happy. A user has raised his voice on social networks and has complained about the lousy service of Cinépolis.

The wait is over! One Piece Film Red finally made it to the billboard and the anime was present along with other titles such as Bardo, false chronicle of a few truths, lilo lilo crocodile Y the devil’s light. Fans flocked to their favorite theaters in their straw hats in hopes of an epic marine adventure with Luffy and his crew. So far the film has been well received by the public, unfortunately not everyone enjoyed its function.

Cinépolis has become famous for being one of the most important movie theater chains in the country and constantly pampers its users with the showing of movie classics. An example of this was the re-release of all the films of Twilight as well as the special function of E.T. the alien with the exclusive 40th anniversary ticket. This time he decided to pamper anime fans with the screening of the film by Goro Taniguchi and promised incredible collectibles and special tickets from Luffy and his friends.

Tik Tok user @vdevine shared his experience and showed his annoyance with the cinema chain. According to the testimony, he had already purchased his tickets in the pre-sale and when he went to pick up his commemorative tickets, he was informed that they were already sold out, when that day was the premiere of the film. First red flag. Later in the candy store they told him that they no longer had the popcorn and the special glass, which caused his annoyance even more.

The young man resigned himself to buying a traditional combo, but when he went to his room he noticed that other users already had their collectibles. He returned to the candy store but they told him that they did not have any and after checking again they told him that they had already arrived, but they couldn’t change it, he had to buy a new combo. This greatly upset the otaku who left empty-handed after being denied the ticket and collectible from one pieceso I do not hesitate to raise my voice on social networks.

Movie glasses and collectibles

The collectibles have a cost of 109 Mexican pesos.

In the comments, several users shared the young man’s annoyance, since a similar experience had happened to them. For now, many agree that the movie is amazing (you can read our review now), however there have been many complaints about poor service and this is not the first time it has happened. If you have not seen the movie yet, remember that you can buy your tickets at the link and if you are one of those who want your collectible, you better make sure that they are available at the cinema you are going to go to.