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they are already 25 years in which we have been on the trip seeing the Straw Hat Pirates crew live epic and incredible adventures within the vast and rich world of OnePiece. And now it’s time to pay homage to Eiichiro Oda’s manga through One Piece Film: Red.

Whether or not you are part of this special fandom, this animated film introduces a special story that will have the power to soften your heart. At Panda Ancha we share the synopsis, the trailer and the characters that star One Piece Film: Redin addition to our review, where we tell you a little about what you can expect from this great film, and so you are ready to launch into the cinema in its Premiere on November 3.

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One Piece Film: Red|Synopsis and trailer

Uta, the most loved singer in the world whose voice has been described as “otherworldly”, she is famous for hiding her own identity when performing. Now, for the first time, she will reveal herself to the world in a live concert.

With the Navy watching closely, the venue fills with Uta fans, including excited pirates and the Straw Hats led by Luffy, who simply came to enjoy his sound performance, all eagerly awaiting the voice everyone has been waiting for. to resonate The story begins with the shocking revelation that she is the daughter of the enigmatic Shanks.

One Piece Film: Red|Characters

Monkey D. Luffy (Mayumi Tanaka)

The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Its trademark is the straw hat given to him during his childhood by his savior Shanks, the Redhead. He ate the “Gomu Gomu Fruit” that left him as a rubber man, which allowed him to stretch his body. His dream is to become the Pirate King.

One Piece Film: Red: Synopsis, characters and review.

Uta (Kaori Nazuka)

The most beloved diva in the world and the daughter of Shanks, the “redhead”.

A red-haired singer who has been broadcasting her singing using a Snail Video Transmitter with tons of enthusiastic fans, but has yet to perform live in front of them, so her identity was shrouded in mystery. She will be shown for the first time on the island of music: Elegia, where she will perform her show.

One Piece Film: Red: Synopsis, characters and review.

Shanks (Shuichi Ikeda)

Chief of the red-haired pirates.

It was apprentice on Gold Roger’s ship along with Buggy, but now it’s one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. While making Windmill Village in East Blue the base of his crew, he met young Luffy.

One day, saved luffy, who had been thrown into the sea and attacked by a Coast Lord, costing Shanks his left arm. When he left Windmill Village, he entrusted Luffy with his trademark straw hat and made him promise; “Come and bring it to me someday once you’ve become a great pirate.”

One Piece Film: Red: Synopsis, characters and review.

Roronoa Zoro

Pirate hunter.

Zoro is a swordsman who fights with three swords. His goal is to become the strongest swordsman in the world., a promise she made to her childhood friend, Kuina, who lost her life when she was young. He is always training to become the most powerful and seeks to fight the most outstanding enemies.

One Piece Film: Red: Synopsis, characters and review.

Sanji (Hiroaki Hirata)

Is he Straw Hat Pirates cook. He is the fifth member of the crew, and the fourth to join. He was born on the North Blue, being the first crew member not to be from the East Blue.

One Piece Film: Red: Synopsis, characters and review.

One Piece Film: Red |Review

One Piece: Red takes place on the now-ruined island of Elegia, a piece of land that was once known as a music paradise.

In her, Uta organizes a concert for the world to help bring happiness and peace to all. When pirates invade the concert in an attempt to kidnap Uta, the true nature of the event is revealed and a more sinister plot begins to take shape.

One Piece Film: Red: Synopsis, characters and review.

The basics of the story are quite simple: people want peace. But is it worth the cost of how they are going to achieve that peace? As the story unfolds, we learn that things are not exactly what they seem.

However, as we’ve seen with almost every movie or show that attempts this plot, you can’t impose peace on others. Therefore, One Piece: Red it becomes a mad race to rescue everyone and restore the world to its natural state.

Without being predictable or telling us everything until the very end, One Piece: Red choose share information in stageswhich manages to keep you on your toes throughout the movie, plus surprise twists along the way, crucial aspects like who the real villains and heroes of the story are.

One Piece Film: Red: Synopsis, characters and review.

In addition to all the epic action that includes One Piece: Redsome of the best parts for were the Luffy and Uta’s bond and their connection to Red-Haired Shanks. That just fills your heart!

One Piece Film: Red: Synopsis, characters and review.

The film includes many flashbacks (from Foosha Village on Dawn Island), where Luffy spent his childhood with Shanks and now Uta. The movie does a good job of explaining how they were childhood friends and rivals, both seeking the attention of Shanks and company.

These flashbacks they also contain many interesting details about Shanks, Uta’s origins and how she became the most loved singer in the world.

One Piece Film: Red: Synopsis, characters and review.

And while the movie may not be canon in the overall story, there are plenty of interesting nuggets that all fans of one piece can enjoy.

Another of the most surprising aspects is how music plays an important role in the story. It explains a lot about what is going on in the world and how Uta wants to help everyone. With a great voice, by the way! He never felt forced or out of place. Rather, the music helped the story move forward.

One Piece Film: Red: Synopsis, characters and review.

One Piece: Red it’s a solid movie one piece who gives so much love to his fans by putting on a great concert, while also offering interesting insights into many’s favorite characters. In addition, it presents a new one with which to gain an emotional connection and be appreciated through Uta.

Give it a try this next November 3 in the halls of your favorite cinema. Tip: if you want a more immersive experience, choose to choose seats in the 4X room, you will be part of the adventure of the Straw Hat Pirates crew in first person! Or almost.