One Piece Film Red: release date, synopsis, where it can be seen and more information about the film

fans of one piece have been waiting for quite some time for the latest film inspired by the work of Eiichiro Oda. We are talking about One Piece Film Reda feature film that is very close to being released in Latin America, so in this article we collect data of interest such as its synopsis, its release date, the reviews it has received, whether it is canon or not and where it can be seen.

In this article of One Piece Film Red we will share data such as its synopsis, the reviews it has received and others.

How is the synopsis of the film?

The official synopsis of One Piece Film Red says the following:

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“Uta, the number one singer in the world, is about to give her first live concert in front of an audience made up of pirates, members of the Navy and all kinds of fans. Uta is considered the most loved singer in the whole world. Although she has always hidden her identity, it is said that her singing voice is so wonderful that she seems to come from “another dimension”.

Now, a live concert will be held in which he will appear in person for the first time in front of the public. The long-awaited voice that everyone wants to hear is about to resonate in front of a large crowd of colorful pirates, ‘marines’ who do not take their eyes off him, Luffy’s Straw Hats, who is attracted by the voice of Uta knowing nothing, and all kinds of Uta fans that are filling the place. The story begins with the shocking revelation that Uta is the daughter of Shanks.”

What is the official trailer for the film and what does it tell us about it?

Evidently Uta is the daughter of Shanks, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea (‘yonko’). However, it seems that this is a hidden fact, at least from the general public. It is not ruled out that the Navy and the World Government know of its existence.

In front of the population, Uta is known as UTA ​​(spelled as ‘Yu’, ‘Ti’, ‘A’), one of the most valued singers of the moment. Note that Uta (歌) means ‘song’ in Japanese, plus she is called ‘Utahime’, which means ‘Diva’, given her worldwide fame.

However, until now people had not heard their songs live. She surely got her fame through performances by ‘Den Den Mushi’. yeshis first major concert is celebrated as a major event in the so-called “Musical Island” Elegia/Erejiafirst mentioned in one piece.

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The Straw Hats enjoying the concert in One Piece Film Red.

Due to the magnitude of the concert, in One Piece Film Red both pirates and ‘marines’ arrive at the place to witness the event. Among them are the Straw Hats. There Luffy recognizes Uta, whom he seems to have known during childhood. This makes sense because of the connection the character had with Shanks in his early years.

At one point Luffy gets on stage and, out of his excitement, blurts out the fact that Uta is the daughter of Shanks. This takes literally everyone by surprise. Apparently, the action triggers the conflict of the entire film, which will revolve around Uta’s relationship with her father.

Where I can see One Piece Film Red And what is its release date?

We had previously reported a release date for One Piece Film Red which was in the middle of October. Nevertheless, Subsequently, Cinemark Colombia edited said date to make it coincide with that of other Latin American countries and announced it for November 3 of this year..

For now, Cinemark is the only cinema in Colombia where you can see One Piece Film Redbecause for now there are no ads from your competition. However, despite the official announcement, the film is still not mentioned in the list of upcoming releases on your website. We will share the ticket sales data as soon as it is available.

doOne Piece Film Red is ‘canon’?

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doOne Piece Film Red is ‘canon’? Not quite.

The movies of one piece They are not usually ‘canon’, that is, they are not part of the official history. One Piece Film Red is no exception. Almost everything that appears in the manga is considered ‘canon’.

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Nevertheless, that does not mean that Uta does not exist. The character has appeared briefly in the manga recently. For example, she appeared in a series of extra scenes created by Eiichiro Oda called Uta’s Special 1-Page Manga. As the name suggests, they are one-page stories featuring Uta that were featured in Weekly Shonen Jump issues 35, 36-37, and 38. The first is called ‘New Genesis‘, which shows Uta writing a song after hearing the suffering of various people for ‘Den Den Mushi’; the second is called ‘The World’s Continuation‘, which shows Uta waking up from a nightmare of chaos and destruction and then recalling a time with the Shanks pirates; finally, ‘Where the Wind Blows‘ shows Shanks and his companions discussing how to silence Uta, who is desperately crying, which they solve by singing and dancing in front of her.

Exactly in chapter 1055, her silhouette was seen in one of Shanks’ memories. At that time, it was confirmed that he was a ‘canon’ character.

How have the reviews of the film been?

Where to watch One Piece Film Red critical synopsis
In One Piece Film Red the Straw Hats have traveled to Elegia, where they can see Uta’s concert.

One Piece Film Red It has received all kinds of criticism. In general, the comments indicate that it is a feature film that is very focused on music and that it does not have as many action scenes.. Based on this, some fans of the franchise have been upset by this change in style. Even so, it seems that this has not been a big problem for most viewers.

In general, it has been well received by the public. On sites like IMDB has an average of 7.3/10 and in MovieWalker (Japanese page) has a 4.4/5.