One Piece Film: Red releases a new poster focused on Nami and her new look

One Piece Film: Red is one of the great projects that are coming from the firm of Eiichiro Oda. Now that the story has gone through its 1000 episodes, it is beginning to experiment like never before, giving away unique moments like the one lived in 1044 that, however, have not been rescued with great success in chapter 1045 (which can already be read in detail). free). In any case, in addition to manga and anime we have that One Piece: Film Red to continue expanding the narrative arcs of the Straw Hats.

A new poster of the work has recently been published on social networks and has has focused on the figure of Nami, one of the characters that seems to be will have a little more narrative weight in this installment (or so it seems). His new look has been detailed, with a more daring tone than on previous occasions but without losing that pirate essence that characterizes the character.

A lot of One Piece ahead

One Piece Film: Red It should be released in Japan on August 6, if its premiere has not been affected by the hack that Toei Animation suffered a few weeks ago. The work will reach the rest of the world before 2023, so Eiichiro Oda’s legacy would continue to expand normally. Dragon Ball Super may be the most read in Manga Plus, but it is clear that this story has deep roots and is now entering a new era.

Also remember that the launch of the live action from netflix about one piecewhat could count on Jamie Lee Curtis if those responsible want it, because the actress has already stated that she would be willing to participate in a project of this caliber.