One Piece Film: RED Reveals Surprising Connection Between Shanks and Uta

one piece He has just dropped a real bomb after the reveal of the first trailer for his film, because although we know that the film dealt with issues related to Shanks’ past, his first previews surprised us with a shocking revelation presenting Uta as the “daughter of the Yonkou redhead”.

You read right! The first scenes from the new trailer for One Piece Film: RED begin with a conversation between Shanks and a younger version of Uta, the mysterious woman who will debut for the first time in the universe of OnePiece. Nevertheless, One Piece Film: RED He had no qualms or hesitation in mentioning that Uta will be introduced as the “daughter of Shanks.”

With this statement, One Piece Film: RED could transcendental influence both in the profile of “Shanks, the redhead” and in the main story of One Piece; After all, it would not be the first time that Eiichiro Oda relies on a film to introduce a character to the “main story” of the series.

Let’s remember that a long time ago one piece premiered in theaters One Piece: Strong World (2009), where the pirate “Shiki, the Golden Lion” was first introduced as the main antagonist of the film. Some time later the same character was mentioned in the anime confirming his existence within the “main story” of one piece.

Will the existence of Uta influence later in the animated series of one piece?

Uta is introduced as the daughter of Shanks in One Piece Film: RED | Photo: Toei Animation

What did you think of the reveal of Shanks’ daughter in One Piece Film RED?


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