One Piece Film: Red shows what the new Jinbe looks like for the film

One Piece Film: Red has its premiere scheduled for next August 6 at the hands of goro taniguchi in the address. It is the fifteenth feature film that is born as a result of the manga of Eiichiro Odawhich continues its current publication from strength to strength, having recently surpassed those 1000 episodes that mark a before and after in what has been the history of the Straw Hats and Monkey D. Luffy. Character that, by the way, is more in the mouth than ever due to the power of Gear 5.

In any case, One Piece Film: Red is now showing all his characters in detail in a series of posters that are being launched on social networks. Although Nami had a surprising change, Jinbe, another main character, may be just as impressive. Although equally, we are facing some important adjustments that make the feature film more independent. This is the newest member of the team:

it’s curious to see the costume change that is being applied to the original characters of Oda, which as a general rule have always worn the same clothes or at least some that have defined the character and style of the characters. In this case, One Piece Film: Red be a strong blow on the table in many ways.

one piece right now it has all its fronts open: anime, manga and even the field of feature films. Dragon Ball Supermeanwhile, has the anime stopped the feature film of superhero a little in the air and the manga that, this way, progresses normally. Although that doesn’t mean that Toriyama’s fiction is going bad because Toyotaro could be about to start his own arcs in the fiction.