One Piece: Film Red, the movie that surprised millions and is a worldwide box office success

Since it premiered last Thursday, November 3, Toei Animation’s movie it’s a box office hit. One Piece: Film Red, managed to capture the attention of children and adults who, even with costumes from the popular anime, attend functions all over the world.

In Spain, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, Chile and even some European countries, the film managed to be top 1 in different cinemas in its first days of release despite competing face to face with Black Adam.

Only in the North American country has it already managed to raise more than 10 million dollars in its first week on the big screen and in Japan more than 55 million. One Piece is the most watched anime movie in 2022, even surpassing what Dragon Ball has achievedwhich has a larger audience.

In Latin America, despite not being the most viewed, anda is in the top five with several features filled.

The story that tells the ties of Uta (daughter of Shanks) and Luffy, the captain of the ‘straw hats’ crew at a concert that she calls the “beginning of a new era”. The ‘mugywara’ will have to face the past of their boss’s friend in the middle of a story full of music and nostalgia.

additions, the tape features its own musical edition of the voice of Uta, who delights anime fans with different songs that give weight to the story of the mangaca, Echiro Oda.

Currently, Eiichiro Oda’s anime has more than 1030 anime chapters and more than 1000 manga (magazine). ANDThe story tells how a little boy from the blue sea named Luffy has become the ‘pirate king’ and in pursuit of this dream he manages to get a crew to face a world full of dangers.

The anime is the most successful in its entire history leaving behind recognized pieces such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Super champions, among others.

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