‘One Piece Film: Red’: There is already a date for ticket sales for its premiere in Peru

After the great reception of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, anime lovers are now more than happy with the arrival of One Piece Film Red to theaters in Peru.

The film will hit national theaters on November 3, but from October 13 users will be able to buy tickets both physically and virtually.

One Piece lands in Peru

Diamond Films has announced that pre-sale tickets will be available starting this Thursday for the premiere and preview of the long-awaited film.

It should be noted that in this presale some preview functions will also be put on sale on Wednesday, November 2.

At the moment, there are no prices for tickets yet.

What is One Piece Film: Red about?

First announced in commemoration of the animated adaptation’s 1,000th episode, One Piece Film: Red is the fifteenth film of the manga/anime created by Eichiro Oda. The film was released on August 6 in Japan and it did not take long to become an absolute success, beating other great films of 2022 such as Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero at the box office.

With a story overseen by Oda himself, Film Red tells us a new adventure of Monkey D. Luffy and the Mugiwara, who travel to a music festival on Elegia Island to attend the concert of Uta, one of the most famous divas in the world. However, the protagonist reveals that the artist is the daughter of Shanks, the Redhead: one of the Yonkou (Four Emperors of the Sea) and the person who inspired Luffy to become the pirate king.

Just one month after its premiere in Japan, One Piece: Film Red has managed to raise some 13.87 billion yen (about 97 million dollars). Because the manga is one of the longest-running and most successful in its native Japan, the film soon surpassed Film Z -the franchise’s previous feature film- and other big names in the industry such as the aforementioned Jujutsu Kaisen and Dragon Ball. .

In addition, the fact of having an original story supervised by the author Eiichiro Oda and of being centered on Shanks, one of the most popular and important characters in the saga despite not having many appearances, added up so that Film Red be an absolute success.

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