One Piece Film Red: Uta was a completely different character in the first ideas

Uta is the central character of “One Piece Film Red“, one that has an imperial presence and that is exploited marvelously throughout the entire film. Someone with such an impact seems to have to come out of a very solid main idea, right? Well, far from it, because As a result of a recent interview for the feature film, it has been revealed that the singer went through VERY big changes until she got to what she is now.

(In case there are any doubts, the article IT HAS SPOILERS from “One Piece Film Red”)

How Uta came to be the character she is in One Piece Film Red

It was thanks to @newworldartur that I have been able to find all these modifications of the character of Uta, and which are summarized in 3 different concepts:

  1. The most fundamental change in Uta and that led her to be the singer we know, part of when the idea of ​​creating a world of books was discarded. Because in effect, that was the initial approach that was had towards the character. However, since this ability was already in the arsenal of Charlotte Mont-d’Or, it was decided that in the end his powers would be related to music and the world of dreams. ❌
  2. Even before his power was decided, there was another more important aspect: that of the genesis of uta. Because one can believe it or not, at first One Piece Film Red was going to be (between various possibilities) a movie I was looking for rescuing Bon Kurei from ‘New Impel Down’. Uta would be introduced as a character for alleviate the mood of prisonersbut would ultimately use his powers to free them and create an army of malefactors with which to conquer the world. Yes, traces of the character were being seen, yes. ❗
  3. With the concept of the music already closed, the style remained to be determined. In One Piece Film Red we see a singer purely from pop and clearly rooted in the idol idea of ​​Japan. However, there was two other musical styles that were taken into account:
    • Uta was thought to be an opera singer, with One Piece Film Red revolving around Elegy being a huge orchestra. ✔️
    • Uta was thought of as a country singer guitar in hand. Yes, as the father of Miley Cyrus we go. ✔️

With all this, I think that in the end he ended up finding the best possible version of Uta. At least it leaves me with the feeling in “One Piece Film Red” of being a character with a spectacular presence, and capable of transmitting a load of emotions like few others. I don’t know how many meetings it would take to get here, but thank you for each and every one of them.

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