“One Piece Film: Red”: we comment on the long-awaited film on Twitter Spaces

If we talk about anime and manga, “” is a key title, so it is not surprising that it has a huge fan base around the world. The recent premiere of “One Piece Film: Red”, the fifteenth feature film in this story, is a recent demonstration of the interest generated by this production. In Japan alone, in its first week in theaters, the film managed to sell more than 4 million tickets, becoming one of the most successful of the year. But why does it arouse so many passions?

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Created by Eiichiro Oda, “One Piece” is the story of teenager Monkey D. Luffy, who wishes to become the King of the Pirates. For 25 years, Luffy has been getting into impossible messes that usually consist of overthrowing dictators; where he is always victorious.

Luffy has superhuman powers since he ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which gave him the ability to stretch like a bubble gum and which he uses in combat. He is accompanied by nine crew members, all with some kind of superhuman ability or techniques necessary to survive in the world: Zoro (swordsman), Nami (navigator), Sanji (cook), Chopper (doctor), Robin (archaeologist), Franky (carpenter) , Brook (musician) and Jinbe (helmsman).

Since its debut, more than 25 years ago, to date, this phenomenon has been growing. It has been compiled into 102 volumes of 200 pages each, books that by April 2020 had already sold 470 million copies worldwide.

“One Piece Film: Red” is just a recent example that this story has a long way to go. And that is why in this week’s Twitter Space in which we talk about series and movies, the talk will be focused on this popular anime.

The journalists Alfonso Rivadeneyra, series critic for this newspaper and head of the digital editions of “Luces” and “TV+”, together with Paolo Valdivia, creator of the Cinematic Multiverse community and SEO analyst, will participate in the conversation that we have titled: “ ‘One Piece Film Red’: past, present and future of the manga and anime heavyweight”.

You can connect from 3 pm from the Twitter account of El Comercio. Remember that the microphones will be open to hear your comments. Do not miss!