One Piece Film Red: When does the film take place chronologically?

One Pice Film Red“comes the November 3 to theaters in Spain, a date on which we will indeed be able to immerse ourselves in a new adventure of the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy and company are currently in the Wano arc at the anime level, so it seems more than logical to me that someone is wondering the following: When the hell does the movie take place in terms of the official “One Piece” chronology? The truth is that the answer is as simple as it is complex..

This is what you have to keep in mind about the One Piece Film Red timeline

Having said that, here is what you want to know about the matter:

  • To start a detail that is always important: One Piece Film Red is NOT a canon movie, but it does have details of canon lore. This means, then, that its events do not officially take place as such in the One Piece chronology, so locating it is somewhat more flexible. ❗
  • Obviously, if Luffy and company are in the middle of Wano it is It’s impossible for One Piece Film Red to take place after this arc… but it’s also not possible for it to take place before. What is the answer sought then? ❓
  • Oddly enough, One Piece Film Red is located in a time frame that goes from before Wano to the end of it. This is possible precisely due to the fact that, as I have mentioned, the events of the film are not canon. ✔️
  • Historically, the One Piece movies have NEVER been canon, but they have had official lore details. How is this managed? Basically what we see in the movies is as if a wormhole suddenly opened up in the middle of an arc and sucked the characters into an unofficial story. This is precisely what happens with One Piece Film Red. ❗

Yes, the answer is strange, but because the concept that they use when dealing with movies is also strange. In any case, the idea is that don’t beat yourself up too hard trying to pinpoint “One Piece Film Red” in the franchise’s chronology, basically because you can’t. As long as you are clear about what I have said, you already know what to expect in terms of power, appearance and other characters.

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