One Piece Film Red: Who is Uta? What are the powers and abilities of him?

Before starting: THIS ARTICLE IS GOING TO HAVE MANY SPOILERS ABOUT “ONE PIECE FILM RED. Now that we’ve got this out of the way, I’m going to clarify that, in effect, what I’m going to do next is talk about everything that is revealed about Uta, the daughter of Shanks, through the new anime film. Obviously, if you haven’t seen the movie in question yet, I recommend you postpone reading, but hey, everyone is free to do what they want with their spoilers.

So, having made the introduction, I am ready right now to dissect the central character from “One Piece Film Red”, one that at first it left me completely crazy if I’m honest.

Uta’s true origin: what does One Piece Film Red say about her?

Uta is a character that we are introduced to from the first moment as ‘Shank’s daughter’. Absolutely no one denies it, and it really is like that for everyone. However, the truth is that it is not a blood relationship as a server had come to assume.

  • Uta and Shanks are daughter and father in the same way that Joel and Ellie are in The Last of Us, for example.. That is to say, they form a bond over time due to their joint experiences, but in no case do they have a blood relationship. ❗
  • How are Uta and Shanks then? Well, surprising as it may seem, Uta appears for the first time on the red-haired pirate’s ship inside a chest with some treasures that they had just obtained.. In the end, it ended up having clearly more value than all the gold that was thrown at them. ✔️
  • Who then are Uta’s biological parents? The reality is that this is something that is NOT explained in One Piece Film Red. ❌

What are Uta’s powers and abilities?

At the beginning of the “One Piece Film Red” movie, we know that Uta has an amazing voice to be a singer. Not for nothing has it become the first great phenomenon that at least I remember of this type in “One Piece”. But what about the abilities that he actually possesses?

  • During the opening bars of One Piece Film Red, the characters speculate that Uta’s power has been granted to her by the god of music. In the end, it is someone who creates food from nothing, who can capture enemies with amazing ease and who can also create all kinds of weapons and armor that make her truly powerful. ❓
  • However, this is all a lie. Eventually it is known that Uta consumed the Uta Uta no Mi devil fruit, which allows her to trap anyone who hears her voice in a literal world of dreams.. In the movie Luffy comments that he remembers how when they were little everyone who listened to Uta fell asleep, so although he was unaware of his powers, it can be assumed that Uta consumed the Uta Uta no Mi at a very similar age to the one that Luffy consumed the Gomu Gomu no Mi. ❗
One Piece Film Red
  • Another special ability of Uta is that she has such an amazing voice that make it resonate with Tot Musica, an old score that allowed to summon a kind of music demon with the most savage destructive capabilities. ❗

Honestly, ultimately one has a great taste in the mouth with the character of Uta, because it really It is the force that moves the entire “One Piece Film Red” movie and it achieves it despite being someone that absolutely everyone does not know. Given the success that the film is having, it looks like the next “One Piece” feature films will seek to be as well cared for as this one is.

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