One Piece Film Red will be the franchise’s most canon film to date

The issue of canon in manga and anime is something that always drags world-class wars (okay, not so much, but you get the idea of ​​what I’m saying). However, with “one piece“And above all, his films have always been something that really hasn’t given much to discuss, basically because 99% of all the content that has been seen well… it wasn’t canon, neither more nor less. However, there were little seeds here and there and, finally, in “One Piece Film Red” we will have more canon than ever.

One Piece Film Red will not be a ‘filler story’ anymore

Has been thanks to NewWorldArtur that it has been possible to confirm this news, and specifically everything that has already been said that it will be canon of “One Piece Film Red” is the following:

  • First, and of course most important: Uta will become the first character (since Shiki) to be truly canon for the One Piece manga. ❗
  • The events seen in the movie as such will NOT be canon, but both Uta and the key information that is revealed WILL be. ❗
  • The idea is that One Piece Film Red will be the culmination of what was previously seen with Strong World and Stampede: there will be character and canon information for the manga. ✔️

Of course, it was possible to infer in some way that “One Piece Film Red” was really going to have relevance in the history of “One Piece” as such. In the end, It has ended up coordinating the premiere of the film with the start of the final stretch of the manga, and both counting on the figure of Shanks as something elemental for the events to come.. Now, it only remains to wait for the premiere and see what interesting ‘information’ the film ends up leaving.

Synopsis for One Piece Film Red

The story follows Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who absorbs the powers of the rubber devil fruit and is inspired by the red-haired pirate, Shanks, to sail the seas. After the shocking statement from Gol D. Roger, the previous king of the pirates who put at their disposal the ‘One Piece’, the treasure that would crown the next monarch, hundreds of pirates decided to start their great adventure. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates will try to make history as new candidates.