One Piece Film Red will have two premieres: one in Barcelona and one in Madrid (and there will be gifts)

One Piece Film Red“This little Spaniard of ours arrives in less than a month, and the truth is, we want to see what this story will be involves not only Shanks, but also his daughter (I was quite crazy with this revelation the truth). That said, as expected the premiere of the film will have its special thingsand luckily from Select Vision They have been in charge of notifying the staff in time, something that is sincerely appreciated.

One Piece Film Red will debut in style in Spain

So what is how much the publisher has advanced ahead of the premiere of “One Piece Film Red” in our country? So the following details:

  • To begin with, Selecta Vision has confirmed that One Piece Film Red will have two different premieres at its premiere in Spain:
    • A premiere will take place in Barcelona, on November 3, 2022 (opening day). It will be at 19:00 in the Phenomenal Experience and will be attended by the creators of One Piece Film Red as well as the cast dubbing manager. The film as such will start at 19:30and there will be gifts for all the assistants. ❗
    • The other premiere will take place in Madridthe same day and with the same hours. In this case, yes, it will happen in the Press Palace. in this premiere there will also be the dubbing cast (in Spanish, in Barcelona in Catalan), and although the creators of the film will not be present, gifts have been guaranteed for everyone and, furthermore, an exclusive manga. ❗
  • There will be no more premieres in the rest of Spain, although that does not mean that the theatrical release will also be on November 3, 2022 for all regions of the country. ✔️

Very cool what they have organized since Select Vision for the premiere of “One Piece Film Red” to go all out. With how well “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” went for Crunchyroll, it is to be hoped that on this occasion we will also see the most notable figures. So now you know, gather your nakama and get ready for another anime-flavored movie party.

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