‘One Piece Film Red’ will have two very special events for its premiere in Spain: pirates, gifts… and the creators of the film!

There is hardly a month left for it to land in Spain ‘One Piece Film Red’the most recent anime film and which premiered in Japan in style to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ‘One Piece’.

In Spain it will also be released in cinemas with much fanfare, and Selecta has revealed that there will be two premieres: one in Madrid and the other in Barcelona.

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The two events will be held on November 3 at 7:00 p.m., although they will be a little different. at the premiere of Madrid in the Press Palace we will have the dubbing actors in Spanish of the film, which they have been with the characters since the anime began to be broadcast on television. There will also be a photocall of ‘One Piece’ and they promise that there will be gifts for the attendees.

Now, if you are lucky enough to walk through Barcelonain this session in Phenomenal Experience we have the dubbing actors of the Catalan version but also goro taniguchi, the director of ‘One Piece Film Red’told the character designer Masayuki Satō and the producer hiroaki shibata. And yes, there will also be gifts and a photocall.

Unfortunately, these two are going to be the two great premieres, although the anime film can be seen in theaters across the country starting on November 3. After how well ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ has performed in theaters and now that Select Vision is putting all the meat on the grill for ‘One Piece Film Red’ it is very possible that similar figures will be achieved.

‘One Piece Film Red’ leads to Luffy and his crew to a massive concert of the famous singer utawho appears in public for the first time and has an otherworldly voice.