One Piece Film Red

Uta, the number one singer in the world, is about to give her first live concert in front of an audience made up of pirates, marines and all kinds of fans. Although she has always hidden her identity, it is said that her singing voice is so wonderful that she seems to come from “another dimension”. Now, she will hold a live concert where she will appear in person for the first time in front of the public. The long-awaited voice that everyone wants to hear is about to resound as a multitude of colorful pirates, marines who do not take their eyes off him, Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates, who is attracted by Uta’s voice without knowing nothing, and all kinds of Uta fans fill the place. The story begins with the shocking revelation that Uta is the daughter of Shanks.

“One Piece originated as a manga written and illustrated by Eiichir Oda, beginning to be published in the Japanese magazine “Weekly Shnen Jump” on July 22, 1997. To date, 103 volumes have been published. It is the best-selling manga of said magazine, the most important, recognized and sold in the medium, from the Shueisha publishing house, and in the entire history of Japan, with more than 516 million copies sold worldwide (416 million in Japan, and 100 million in 60 countries together). In fact, in Japan it was the best-selling manga consecutively from 2007 to 2018, achieving a historical record. It is the one that has reported the most profits to its author, holding the Guinness Record as the manga with the largest number of published copies of the same comic work made by a single author worldwide.

Gor Taniguchi directed the 1998 OVA, “One Piece: Defeat The Pirate Ganzak!”which was the first animated adaptation of the manga “OnePiece”, released before the anime series aired and had limited screenings in Japanese theaters. After the first announcement of the film in November 2021, Taniguchi said that he wanted to express a “OnePiece” that has never been seen before. According to Shinji Shimizu, a Toei Animation employee and producer of the anime, “One Piece Film: Red” it is the only film in the series in which Eiichiro Oda has been more actively involved. Oda is the executive producer, character designer, and script reviewer. The same was discussed by Oda, Taniguchi and Tsutomu Kuroiwa for more than two years.

It’s a musical film through and through that puts the character of Uta center stage, with singer Ado performing all the songs. And the music is very important during the plot, since the songs are relevant to the moments in which they sound, without interrupting the rhythm.


10:15 p.m. One Piece Red Film (2D Dub.)

Genre: Anime, fantasy, musical

Origin: Japan

Original title:

Year: 2022

Format: 2D

Duration: 1 hour, 55 min.

Rating: Suitable for all audiences

Data sheet:

Directed by: Goro Taniguchi

Screenplay: Tsutomu Kuwoira, Brooklyn El-Omar. Manga: Eiichiro Oda

Producer: Eiichiro Oda

Music: Yasutaka Nakata, Ado

Photography: Ejian Changgao

Mount: Kentaro Kawasaki

original voices:

Kaori Nazuka and Ado (Uta),Mayumi Tanaka (Monkey D. Luffy), Kazuya Nakai (Roronoa Zoro), Akemi Okamura (Nami), Kappei Yamaguchi (Usopp), Hiroaki Hirata (Sanji), Ikue tani (Tony Tony Chopper), Yuriko Yamaguchi (Nico Robin), Kazuki Yao (Franky), Ch (Brook), Katsuhisa Hki (Jinbē), Shichi Ikeda (Shanks ‹‹The Red-Haired One››), Kenjiro Tsuda (Gordon)