One Piece finally confirms the identity of Bonney’s father

One more fan theory to be confirmed.

One Piece is in its final stretch, thus giving rise to the final arc is yet to comethis being the culmination of more than 20 years of anime and manga in which Luffy and his crew they will try to get the One Piece with the corresponding appointment of the rubber pirate as the Pirate king.

Now, this also means that Eiichiro Oda, mangaka of the series, must close plots and solve mysteriesthus giving rise to the fact that we have recently been able to know to SWORD members, among other points to take into account. In fact, the Identity of Doctor Vega Punk is being one of the central axes these days. And it seems that this could go further.

Bartholomew Kuma revealed to be Bonney’s father in One Piece

Jewelry Bonney one piece

Jewelry Bonney, Captain of the Bonney Pirates

In this case, it’s time to talk about Jewelry Bonney, who has reappeared in the manga and whose meeting with the Straw Hat crew has revealed to us that this character intends to confront Doctor Vega Punk on Egghead Island, although he did not give the reasons for starting this brawl. However, we now know that it is all because the Navy scientist is responsible for problems in his family.

It was in chapter 1062 when there was speculation about what Vega Punk could have done to harm Bonney, even though no consistent fan theories had been made to explain this. However, now we know the great truth, since in the last chapter Bonney thinks of Kuma when talking about her fatherthus making it clear that Bartholomew Kuma is Bonney’s a new meaning to the Marijoa incident.

This is because during this incident Bonney saw Kuma, which caused her to be unable to control her emotions and begin to cry. It is now understood that this was because see his father become a slave without senses and without conscience it affected him a lot, thus giving rise to the meeting with Doctor Vega Punk with the aim of asking him the reason why he did that to Kuma.

Kuma is a World Government slave made by Doctor Vega Punk

kuma one piece

In One Piece, Kuma was a victim of Dr. VegaPunk’s experiments that took away his free will and made him a slave of the world government, for this reason there are those who seek to free him from this yoke.

It is worth mentioning that Kuma is today a mere cyborg without will, which is limited solely to comply with the orders of the World Government. Therefore, it is completely logical that her daughter has taken so badly the fact that her father is in this situation. In fact, from what has been known, if Vega Punk’s explanation is not convincing, Bonney would finish off the scientist.

Also, it should be noted that it is not the first time that Kuma and Bonney have been related, since just a few days ago they met they met sketches that pointed to a relationship in their lineage. Therefore, it will be necessary to see if, as has happened in the past, Luffy and his people decide form an alliance with another pirate for a common good, since, after all, there are not a few who want to free Kuma from his mental captivity.

Of course, it will be necessary to see if Oda does not have some other script twist saved for this moment, since some clues indicate that Dr. Vega Punk would have a moral code, so these same tests would point to Kuma having actively participated in the decision to become the being he is today. However, this is merely speculative, so it is expected that in the coming months or even years this mystery will be solved.

The mystery of Dr. Vega Punk is getting closer to being solved every day

one piece vegapunk

Despite the self-appointment of a new character as Dr. Vegapunk, his true identity seems to remain a mystery in One Piece.

In fact, theories are now emerging that Vega Punk could be an ally of the Revolutionary Armybeing so that he would have used Kuma as an emissary on several occasions to pass information to them, since, after all, before becoming Cyborg he was a member of this groupgiving rise to this idea that would also justify the fact that he agreed to become a Shichibukai despite his hatred of the World Government.

In this way, the theory would explain that Kuma agreed to become a cyborg so as not to arouse suspicion., since the idea would be to make the World Government believe that they have it under their complete control, thus also explaining this alliance with its creator. In any case, it will be necessary to see how this plot develops, since the appearance of Dr. Vega Punk also opens the possibility that finally the mystery around the Empty Century is solved.

In this way, you can see that little by little it seems that One Piece will solve many doubtsbeing so, in fact, the mystery around several lineages is in check, since Luffy could find out who his mother isthis being a theory that fans have been speculating for years and that seems to be getting closer to being resolved every day.

In any case, remember that if you live in Mexico, the next big step in the franchise will be One Piece RED theatrical releasethis being the new film in the series that has been a complete success in Japan and whose tickets They are already in presale. Therefore, it will be necessary to see if in the future the events of this story have some kind of impact on the final plot that we will experience in One Piece.