One Piece finally explains one of the great mysteries of the devil fruits

One of the great mysteries surrounding these fruits has finally been revealed.

In the most recent arc of One Piece, we have seen how Luffy finally achieved awaken the power of his devil fruitacquiring some powerful abilities and a big makeover.

However, this character has not been the unique who has achieved such a feat, since Doflamingo achievement Activate the power of his devil fruit in the Dressrosa arc in order to face Monkey D. Luffy.

Also, these fruits still hide huge mysteries and secrets they haven’t featured in the series. This until recently, since the creator from One Piece made some statements about it about the origin and what they hide these mighty Zoan-like fruits. Next, we will tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers for One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume #4.

Zoan-type fruits hide secrets and powers inside

Devil Fruits have always been surrounded by great unknowns

Devil Fruits have always been surrounded by great unknowns

The mysteries that house the devil fruits have finally been revealed in recent statements made by Eiichiro Oda in the final part of the One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Vol #4where expand the information that I had already contributed in the previous volume.

On this occasion, the author has taken it upon himself to emphasis in the fruit awakening since these have many unknowns.

Devil Fruits originate from the beginning of the series, although the most common used to be the kind Zoanwhich, like the rest, also house awareness inside. These grant their bearer physical skills of a particular animal, allowing it to access the powers possessed by these objects, either transforming into a full beast or a hybrid: a human half beast.

However, over the course of the series they left adding more powerful variants of this type of fruit, classified as Ancient Zoan and Mythological Zoan. The old ones are characterized by giving their bearer powers of animals and prehistoric creatures. On the other hand, the version powerful and mysterious of all, the mythological.

This type of fruit is found connected to legendary beingsbelonging to many culturesgranting them a lot of abilities and huge powers to its users.

The mystery of the Zoan fruits has finally been explained

The concept gallery shown in Vol #4 of One Piece Road to Laugh Tale

The concept gallery shown in Vol #4 of One Piece Road to Laugh Tale

The wake up of these Zoan fruits, is that the user can get full potential of these through your mind and bodyjust as Luffy did by accessing the full power of his Milestone Milestone no Mi model:Nika.

Eiichiro oda has published a series of notes in the One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Vol #4also added a gallery of concepts, where it makes Zoan awakening mentionnoting that they are different to those of paramecia, because awakening a Zoan-type fruit implies linked risks to the essence innate of their respective animals.

Throughout the anime, the only Zoan fruits we have seen waking up have been that of Luffy and that of the soldiers of Impel Downwho have been consumed by animal nature that possesses the fruit, which has made them lose everything human trait.