One Piece finally gives color to Luffy’s Gear Fifth and it looks spectacular

Everyone thought the transformation would be red, yellow, and orange.

One Piece finally gives color to Luffy's Gear Fifth and it looks spectacular

One Piece is currently in a historical moment for the seriessince, after the great battle in the Wano arc that has ended with the defeat of Kaido against Luffy, we can see how the manga and anime is nearing its final arcwhich may not be as long as we think according to the words of Eiichiro Oda, mangaka of the series.

Be that as it may, it should be noted that throughout this arc it has been possible to see that Luffy’s evolution has been built, giving rise to this, little by little, presenting what is today his most powerful transformation and the one that has allowed him to enter the elite of pirates, the Emperors of the Sea. And all this knowingly that we already know the inspiration for Gear Fifth. And to the latter, we should add the fact that we already know the color of Luffy in this form.

Luffy’s Gear Fifth transformation would be a blue color


Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat crew.

It should be noted that, as is evident, the manga it’s in black and white, which means that the color either has to be represented on the cover or any other material in this medium or we have to wait for the anime to give an official version. Under this same premise, the Twitter user known as Eten Boby has shared a glimpse of volume 103 of the One Piece manga.

In this way, as you can see, this cover would reveal not only the appearance of Kaido in his most powerful transformation, but at the same time it shows us Luffy in his Gear Fifth revealing that this transformation leans towards blue and even purple tones, this being ironic since everyone thought that the red color so characteristic of the character would be maintained:

Be that as it may, it is still another curiosity that One Piece leaves us, being one of many such as the explanation about the reason behind Chopper’s image change. For the rest, it only remains to wait to see how the series will develop in the coming months before its entry into the final arc of One Piece.